How to Withdraw USD Balance?

The limits for withdrawal is as below:

Minimum single withdrawal: 1,000 USD

Maximum single withdrawal: 1,000,000 USD

Step 1: Please log into Huobi official website:

Step 2: Please click “Exchange Account” under “Balances”;


Step 3: Click “Withdraw” next to USD balances. Please make sure you have completed the KYC forehead.


Step 4: Select the bank account you would like to withdraw USD to. You can add a new bank account by clicking the “Add bank account” button before you withdraw. Input the amount and click the “Withdraw” button.


Step 5: Confirm the withdrawal method, withdraw account and amount in the pop-up window. Click the “Confirm” button.


The withdrawal request needs to be reviewed manually. It will be completed within 1 hour after the withdrawal is initiated. STCOINS Bank Transfer Processing will be executed in real-time after the review is completed. The time the bank receives the amount depends on the transfer processing time between banks.



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