Announcement on the Discontinuation of ONG Airdrops to ONT Holders

Dear users,

According to ONT (Ontology) Official Plan, the Ontology team has upgraded the Ontology Governance and Staking Economic Model. Since this upgrade takes effect from July 7, 2020, the unreleased ONG rewards are now only shared amongst stakers, instead of both stakers and non-stakers.

Before this upgrade takes effect (July 1st 00:00:00-July 7th 08:00:00 (GMT+8)), the ONG airdrop rewards will be distributed in accordance with the original rule. After that, the monthly ONG airdrop to ONT holders will discontinue, and users who hold ONT on Huobi Global will no longer receive ONG airdrop rewards. Whether to participate in ONT staking is entirely up to users. Huobi Global always adheres to the principle of "user asset safety first", fully respects users' ideas and decisions, and ensures the security of users' accounts and assets.

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Thanks for your support!

Huobi Global
July 28, 2020