Huobi Asset Management Goes Live, Launch Products Now in Flash Sale!

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Huobi officially launches the Huobi Asset Management Platform now, aiming to be one of the most trustworthy crypto Trading management platforms;

Launch products are now in flash sale, with few added 2% extra annual return;

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What is Huobi Asset Management?

Established in 2020, Huobi Asset Management service aims at resolving long-existing deficiencies in the digital assets market, esp. towards the asset management aspects.

Being in the market for over 7 years, the lack of quantitative product trading channels, objective product performance evaluation system, asset security and investment return protection have always been the concerns for vast majority of digital assets users. Also, even highly experienced quantitative teams are in need of qualified customer resources.

With Huobi Asset Management, we build a bridge in between.

Under Huobi group, Huobi Asset Management is a professional digital asset management platform targeting mainly at pro users. All products within the platform are provided by third-party quantitative teams selected by Huobi. As a platform, Huobi provides product promotion, risk monitoring and other related services.

What are the advantages of Huobi Asset Management?

  • Professional Risk Control

Huobi strictly selects the top quantitative trading teams in this industry. All quantitative strategies need to be verified by actual operations. A sound risk control system is in use for real-time monitoring during the operation period.

  • Asset security

Customer assets are managed in Huobi custody account for real-time supervision to ensure its safety. Trading activities are limited to top exchanges’mature business lines like spot,futures and swap etc.

  • Product diversification

Various product types to satisfy users with different risk preference and trading requirements, including Prudent type, Steady type and Enterprising type. All three product types support the BTC or USDT as the denominated currency.

Target users

Huobi Asset Management opens to pro users with appropriate risk identification capability and risk tolerance.

Trading requirements

  • Individual or institutional KYC certification required;
  • The value of digital asset traded in a single project is no less than 10BTC equivalent;
  • Individual users: digital asset in each platform combined is no less than 30BTC equivalent;
  • Institutional users: digital asset in each platform combined is no less than 50BTC equivalent.

Risk Alert:

All projects in Asset Management are provided by third-party quant team that Huobi screens through. Huobi only serves as a platform to provide related project display and risk monitoring. Huobi does not provide any express or implied transactions guarantee.

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Huobi Global
July 14, 2020