Announcement of Huobi Global on Time-limited Redemption of Discounted Point Cards (Trial)

Dear users,

With the recent launch of a series of initiatives for Huobi Global to provide users with a better fees rate experience, we have received feedback from the community with mainly the following two suggestions:

First, because of the shortage of Point Cards in the market, the price of Point Cards increases which indirectly increases the trading costs of users. Community hopes that Huobi Global provides discounted Point Cards to provide users with more preferential services.

Second, community hopes Huobi Global will further reduce the circulation of HT and expand the locked holdings.

Based on the above two suggestions, we designed the following scheme: Huobi Global plans to provide 2 million HT equivalent time-limited discount Point Cards and only supports the use of HT for redemption. The HT of the redemption will remain locked for one year.

This phase is the first phase of trial. The additional phases will be added depending on the effect of the event.

The main information of the time-limited discount Point Cards is as follows:
Total amount to be provided: equivalent to 2 million HT
Point Cards characteristic: non-transferable
Redemption method: only support HT redemption (convert equivalent HT at market price)
Point Cards discount:

Point Cards face valueDiscount
1000 USDT50% off
3000 USDT55% off
10000 USDT60% off
50000 USDT65% off

Validity period: 3 years
Launch time: The official Point Cards issuance will start in mid-July. However, users in need can make manual redemption in advance from June 28. (Note: After the official Point Cards redemption goes online, it will support the transfer between parent account and sub-account)
Scope of use: consistent with the current range of use of Point Cards

Redeem in advance:
1. Before the product goes online, in order to meet your need in Point Cards redemption, we have opened an advance redemption channel. Click here ( to fill in the information, our staff will contact you within 1 working day.
2. Price calculation: As the HT price fluctuates in real time, the Point Cards redemption is calculated based on the closing price of the previous hour. For example, you and our staff confirm the redemption of Point Cards at 16:30. And the HT price is subject to the closing price of 16:00.

Hereby, we thank the community for their support and suggestions.

Huobi Global
June 24, 2020