Announcement of Huobi Global on Suspension of HT Lotto Phase 1

Dear users,

On June 18, Huobi Global announced the launch of Phase 1 of HT Lotto. After the promotion rules were published, the community gave a lot of feedback and suggestions.

In view of this, Huobi Global decided to respect the community’s suggestion and temporarily cancel the current HT Lotto event. Huobi Global will pick another date to launch it after the promotion rules are optimized.

The launch of the project OGN is scheduled according to the regular listing and will be carried out at the original time. The promotions “OGN Net Increase competition” and “Airdrop to OGN holders” will proceed according to the original plan.

Thanks to the community for their suggestions and support.

Check out the promotion rules:

Huobi Global
June 18, 2020