Huobi Official Declare a Risk Warning to Prevent Fraud

Dear users,

Recently, some third parties in the market have used the name of Huobi to carry out frauds in the form of fake customer service, attracting customers privately and propagating malicious association, which has caused varying degrees of impact on the user rights and interests of Huobi and its brand. Huobi platform (hereinafter referred to as Huobi) solemnly reminds users and relevant people to pay attention to screening, beware of being cheated, and hereby solemnly declare as follows:

I. Huobi has always maintained a responsible attitude towards users and the industry, and continued to spare no effort to actively cooperate with all kinds of judicial assistance (among which, it has helped police solve dozens of cases with the help of science and technology of Huobi astrology system and won letters of thanks from police in many places). Internally, effective prevention and control measures should be taken to resist all kinds of illegal behaviours. Any illegal behaviour of using Huobi and its subsidiaries, in the name of Huobi or posing as Huobi staff to trick users has nothing to do with Huobi, and is a malicious infringement without authorization of Huobi.

II. Huobi kindly ask all users to strictly abide by the rules of the platform, and be aware of the risk from fraud warning to identify all kinds of risks. At the same time, Huobi requires illegal imitators and the outside world who want to distort facts and discredit Huobi to stop infringement immediately.

III. Huobi shall not be liable for any adverse consequences arising from the counterfeiters, the deceived, the credulity of the rumours, etc. To actions that damage Huobi's brand reputation, once verified, Huobi will be strictly investigated for legal liability.

IV. If you have doubts about the information claimed to be related to Huobi, please refer to Huobi Official Media Authenticatorpublished on the official website or contact the official customer service email [email protected] for verification and confirmation. Meanwhile, Huobi sincerely welcomes the supervision and cooperation of the majority of users and relevant persons. If you find any illegal behaviour in the name of fake or abuse Huobi, you can directly report and complain to the following email [email protected] here.

We appreciate your cooperation and support.