Isolated-margin Account Transfer Scenarios Will Be Applied into Existing Huobi Global API Endpoint "POST /v1/account/transfer"

Two more asset transfer scenarios will be applied into existing Huobi Global API endpoint "POST /v1/account/transfer":

1) transfer asset between spot account and individual isolated-margin account;
2) transfer asset between individual isolated-margin accounts.

Above two scenarios will be applicable for both parent user and sub user.

Effective date: June 11, 2020 (GMT+8)

All the changes will be updated on

Huobi Global
June 11, 2020 


POST /v1/account/transfer

Request Parameters

No change in request parameters

Response Content

No change in response parameters

API users should evaluate the business impact caused by the features introduced, further to make relevant change in client’s application, if needed.

All the changes will be updated on Huobi API Docs on the effective date.