Huobi Global Will Add Two Response Fields in "GET /v1/query/deposit-withdraw"

Huobi Global will adjust the existing REST API "GET /v1/query/deposit-withdraw" as follows:

1. Add two response fields  "error-code" and "error-message" to return the reasons of the withdrawal failure.

2. Add two values "verifying" and "failed" for the response field "state" to explain the progress of risk verification.

Effective date: June 11, 2020 (GMT+8)

All the changes will be updated on

Huobi Global
June 11, 2020


Search for Existed Withdraws and Deposits

GET  /v1/query/deposit-withdraw

Request Parameters

No change

Response Content

FieldData TypeDescription
idintegerTransfer id
typestringDefine transfer type to search, possible values: [deposit, withdraw]
currencystringThe crypto currency to withdraw
tx-hashstringThe on-chain transaction hash
chainstringBlock chain name
amountfloatThe number of crypto asset transfered in its minimum unit
addressstringThe deposit or withdraw source address
address-tagstringThe user defined address tag
feefloatWithdraw fee
statestringThe state of this transfer (see below for details)
error-codestringError code for withdrawal failure, only returned when the type is "withdraw" and the state is "reject", "wallet-reject" and "failed".
error-msgstringError description of withdrawal failure, only returned when the type is "withdraw" and the state is "reject", "wallet-reject" and "failed".
created-atintegerThe timestamp in milliseconds for the transfer creation
updated-atintegerThe timestamp in milliseconds for the transfer's latest update

List of possible withdraw state

verifyingAwaiting verification
failedverification failed
submittedWithdraw request submitted successfully
reexamineUnder examination for withdraw validation
canceledWithdraw canceled by user
passWithdraw validation passed
rejectWithdraw validation rejected
pre-transferWithdraw is about to be released
wallet-transferOn-chain transfer initiated
wallet-rejectTransfer rejected by chain
confirmedOn-chain transfer completed with one confirmation
confirm-errorOn-chain transfer faied to get confirmation
repealedWithdraw terminated by system

List of possible deposit state

No change


API users should evaluate the business impact caused by the adjustment, further to make relevant change in client’s application.

All the changes will be updated on Huobi API Docs on the effective date.