Announcement on Huobi Global Opening USDT Trading Pairs and Launching "HT Lotto" Series Events

Dear users,

In order to further enhance user trading experience, aggregate liquidity and empower high-quality assets, Huobi Global will gradually delist ETH trading pairs of some projects in the near future and gradually open USDT trading pairs of the projects. “HT Lotto” series of events will simultaneously launch.

HT Lotto is an exclusive benefit for HT holders. With empowering events such as some projects listing or USDT trading pairs are opened, HT Lotto irregularly brings HT holders extra airdrop or double rewards.

The specific opening hours will be announced separately in announcements. Please stay tuned.

Risk warning: Digital asset trading is an innovative trading product and prices fluctuate greatly. Please make rational judgements and make prudent decisions.

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Huobi Global
June 11, 2020