Huobi Global Announces Fee Rate Reduction on Spot Trading Market

Dear Users,

In order to lower the trading threshold, Huobi Global has decided reduce the tiered rates and interest rates for margin loan for professional exchange traders, effective at 20:00 on June 15, 2020 UTC.

Adjustment details are as follows:

Specific adjustments:
1. Users can now apply to become a professional trader and enjoy a flat discount in handling fee by holding 2,000 HT instead of 5,000;
2. Huobi is giving a flat 30% discount on spot market crypto trading and interest rate for leverage trading without costing extra HT handling fee;
3. Huobi will soon launch a time limited trail package discount card for users who don’t meet the requirements for HT holding positions and trading volumes.

Crypto Trading Pairs Tired Rates for Professional Traders (Before & After)


Tiered Interest Rate For Leverage Trading (Before & After)


Please Note:
1. Professional traders do not enjoy rebates;
2. Huobi will automatically calculate users’30-day trading volume at 16:00 UTC each day. The system will randomly select a snapshot of users’ holding amount from the previously for verification at 16:00 UTC
HT position is taken from the system's random HT snapshot of the previous day, and at 20:00 UTC each day, the system will automatically apply the according tiered rate to users’ account. BTC will be converted in accordance to the closing price of BTC trading pairs at 16:00 UTC.
3. Users can use the 30% flat discount to handling fee and interest rate for leverage trading that the new tiered rates are once launched.
4. Users with 100,000 HT holding amount will continue enjoy the 35% flat discount rate without costing extra HT.
5. All-star VIP rates can be applied synchronously after the new tired rates are launched. If you are an external professional user, please visit "Huobi All Star VIP Program" and quickly apply for professional tiered rates.

Huobi Global would sincerely invite you to try out the tired fee rate. We hope this upgrade will bring you a better trading experience!

Huobi Global
June 9, 2020