C2C Lending - HT Holder Exclusive 50% Fees Rebate

Dear Users,

To reward HT holders, Huobi Global has specially organized a 50% platform fees rebate event on C2C Lending. The details are as follows:

Promotion period: 5 June 15:00:00 – 5 July 2020 15:00:00 (GMT+8)

Promotion rules: During the promotion period (5th June 15:00:00 – 5th July 15:00:00), the lowest HT holding on the day is ≥ 1000, place the order and lend in C2C Lending. On the day the platform fees generated by the lent digital assets will be rebated by 50%.

HT holding snapshot rules: Snapshots are taken randomly every day. If the holding is < 1000 on the day, no rebate will be granted on the day.

How to participate:
1. Web users can experience C2C Lending in Margin Trading. [Go to C2C Lending]
2. APP users can directly enter C2C Lending on the homepage or enter C2C Lending by clicking Trade section and Cross Margin.
For details and operation of C2C Lending, please click C2C Lending Initial Launch.

*Platform service fee = actual interest amount * 18%;
*Actual interest amount = loaned asset amount * hourly interest rate * loan period. (If the term is less than 60 minutes, it shall be deemed as one(1) hour)

1. The rebate will be arranged within 45 days after the end of the promotion (45 days is to ensure that all lent orders can be completed during the promotion) and issued to the users’ Exchange Account.
2. The scope of the HT holding snapshot includes: Exchange Account, Margin Account (margin part), Fiat Account, OTC merchant deposit, Pool Account’s locked in, HT in sub-account belongs to parent account. But HT in the Derivatives Account is not included in the scope of the snapshot.
3. Huobi Global reserves the right of final interpretation to the promotion. If there is any malicious behaviour, Huobi Global shall disqualify users’ participation.
4. Digital asset trading is an innovative trading product, please make rational judgements and make prudent decisions.

Huobi Global
June 5, 2020