Huobi Global is going to change rate limit policy for part of REST API endpoints

Dear users,

Since the effective day of this notification, Huobi Global will be changing rate limit policy for part of REST API endpoints.

Effective Date: at 14:00 on June 4, 2020 (GMT+8)

All the changes will be updated on

Huobi Global
June 3, 2020

The maximum access rate during fixed interval –
- The overall access rate, from all API keys under same UID, to single endpoint, shouldn’t exceed the rate limit applied on that endpoint;
- The rate limit applied on various endpoint could be different, as listed below:

CategoryEndpointURLRate Limit
Wallet (Deposit and Withdraw)APIv2 - Query Deposit Address/v2/account/deposit/address20times/2s
APIv2 - Query Withdraw Quota/v2/account/withdraw/quota20times/2s
Create a Withdraw Request/v1/dw/withdraw/api/create20times/2s
Cancel a Withdraw Request/v1/dw/withdraw-virtual/{withdraw-id}/cancel20times/2s
Search for Existed Withdraws and Deposits/v1/query/deposit-withdraw20times/2s
AccountGet all Accounts of the Current User/v1/account/accounts100times/2s
Get Account Balance of a Specific Account/v1/account/accounts/{account-id}/balance100times/2s
Get Account History/v1/account/history5times/2s
Transfer Fund Between Spot Account and Future Contract Account/v1/futures/transfer2times/2s
Transfer Asset between Parent and Sub Account/v1/subuser/transfer2times/2s
Get the Aggregated Balance of all Sub-users/v1/subuser/aggregate-balance2times/2s
Get Account Balance of a Sub-User/v1/account/accounts/{sub-uid}20times/2s
Lock/Unlock Sub User (by Parent User)/v2/sub-user/management20times/2s
TradingPlace a New Order/v1/order/orders/place100times/2s
Place a Batch of Orders/v1/order/batch-orders5times/2s
Submit Cancel for an Order/v1/order/orders/{order-id}/submitcancel100times/2s
Submit Cancel for an Order (based on client order ID)/v1/order/orders/submitCancelClientOrder100times/2s
Get All Open Orders/v1/order/openOrders50times/2s
Submit Cancel for Multiple Orders by Criteria/v1/order/orders/batchCancelOpenOrders50times/2s
Submit Cancel for Multiple Orders by IDs/v1/order/orders/batchcancel50times/2s
Get the Order Detail of an Order/v1/order/orders/{order-id}50times/2s
Get the Order Detail of an Order (based on client order ID)/v1/order/orders/getClientOrder50times/2s
Get the Match Result of an Order/v1/order/orders/{order-id}/matchresults50times/2s
Search Past Orders/v1/order/orders50times/2s
Search Historical Orders within 48 Hours/v1/order/history20times/2s
Search Match Results/v1/order/matchresults20times/2s
Margin Loan (isolated margin mode)Transfer Asset from Spot Trading Account to Isolated Margin Account
Transfer Asset from Isolated Margin Account to Spot Trading Account
Get Loan Interest Rate and Quota/v1/margin/loan-info20times/2s
Request a Margin Loan/v1/margin/orders2times/2s
Repay Margin Loan/v1/margin/orders/{order-id}/repay2times/2s
Search Past Margin Orders/v1/margin/loan-orders100times/2s
Get the Balance of the Margin Loan Account/v1/margin/accounts/balance100times/2s

- The rate limit applied on same endpoint could be different for various user level;
- The unexhausted rate limit during current interval won’t be appended to next interval.
- In most critical case, if the market activity exceeding Exchange system capacity, above rate limit could be possibly even tightened. API users are suggested to refer to http header values below to determine the actual rate limit.

Two new headers will be added into the response message from above REST endpoints –
1) X-HB-RateLimit-Requests-Remain
Remaining rate limit value during current interval;
2) X-HB-RateLimit-Requests-Expire
End time of current interval (unix time in millisecond).

If the access rate exceeded rate limit, following error message will be returned –

From API v2 endpoints –

"code": 1006,
"message": "exceeded rate limit"

From API v1 endpoints –

"status": "error",
"err-code": "rate-too-many-requests",
"err-msg": "exceeded rate limit",
"data": null

The rate limit change for other REST API endpoints and Websocket channels will be advised later via another notification.

Since the effective date of this notification, all new REST endpoints added in the future will be also applied with this new rate limit policy.


API users should evaluate the business impact by this adjustment introduced, further to make relevant change in client’s application.

All the changes will be updated on Huobi API Docs on the effective date.