Huobi Pizza Day Exclusive —— The Results for “Trade BTC To Share 25,000 USDT - More Prizes Up For Grab!”

Dear users,

“[Pizza Day Exclusive] Trade BTC To Share 25,000 USDT - More Prizes Up For Grab!” concluded at 00:00 May 22 (GMT+8) with the last BTC block hash value obtained at 12:00 May 22 (GMT+8) in accordance with the event rules. The rewards are now in your accounts, please log in to check on the "Exchange Account-History” page.

The last BTC block hash value(at block height of 631263) is:


Alphabetical letters have been filtered out from the hash suffix to obtain the last 6-character string of numbers as the winning sequence. After filtering out letters: 140725

Eligible users with UID criteria matching from back to front:

Matching SuffixPrize
5 digits of UID: 140725Grand Prize
The last 1 digit of UID:5Diamond Prize
UID of all remaining participantsGeneral Prize

* If the user's UID is less than 6 digits, 0 will be added before the first digit of the UID to make up the requisite 6 digit matching sequence; (for example: if the user UID is 522, the user’s matching 6 digit sequence will be deemed as 000522.

The winning results are as follows:

PrizePlanned Prize PoolActual Prize PoolNumber of WinnersPrize per WinerUSDT
Grand Prize3,000 USDT000
Diamond Prize5,000 USDT5,000+3,000 USDT26729.96
General Prize12,000 USDT12,000 USDT25284.74

The result for HT Holder Bonus:

PrizeMinimum Daily HT positionSharing Prize PoolNumber of WinnersPrize per WinerUSDT
HT Holder Exclusive≥1,0005,000 USDT5678.81

 Rewards will be distributed within two (2) weeks after the event ends to winning users’ account. You also will be informed by SMS message or InMail message.

Points to note

1. Each user can only receive one (1) prize. The higher prize will prevail. For example, users who have won the Grand Prize cannot share in the other prize pools. The only exception is the HT Exclusive Bonus Pool where by eligible users who win the Grand/Diamond/General pools can also share the HT Exclusive Bonus Pool.

2. The rules and regulations of the promotion shall be subject to Huobi’s final interpretative decision.

Huobi Global
May 22, 2020