[Pizza Day Exclusive] Trade BTC To Share 25,000 USDT - More Prizes Up For Grab!

Dear users,

To celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day 2020, Huobi is pleased to announce the “[Pizza Day Exclusive] Trade BTC To Share 25,000 USDT - More Prizes Up For Grab!”

Promotion Period: 0:00 20th May – 0:00 22nd May 2020 (GMT+8).

Promotion Mechanism:

  1. From 0:00 20 May – 0:00 22 May 2020, users who trade spot BTC/USDT of exactly 0.0522 BTC (Buy BTC in the equivalent of 522 usdt< market price> or Sell 0.0522 BTC) in quantity are eligible to participate in this promotion draw. Trade quantity has to be exactly 0.0522 BTC (trade quantity has to be exactly 522 USDT <Buy> and 0.0522 <Sell>, else the trade will not qualify for participation). There is no restriction in trading activity once a user has successfully qualified for the draw.
  2. Huobi Global will obtain the last BTC block hash value just before 12:00 22 May 2020 (GMT+8) to determine the winners. Eligible users with UID suffix that share the same consecutive numbers with the block hash value can share the prize pool as per details below:
Prize CategoryMatching SuffixPool Amount
Grand Prize Pool5th - 6th digits3,000USDT
Diamond Prize Pool1st – 4th digits5,000USDT
General Prize PoolNo matching digits(remaining eligible users)12,000USDT

* If there are no winners in any prize category, the prize money will be divided equally amongst all winners in the next prize category (For example, if there are no winners under the Grand Prize Pool, eligible winners under the Diamond Prize Pool will equally share 8,000USDT. If there are no winners under the Grand and Diamond Prize Pools, General Prize Pool winners will share 20,000 USDT.

  1. Only the last 6 digits of the user’s UID will be used as the matching sequence. If the user's UID is less than 6 digits, 0 will be added before the first digit of the UID to make up the requisite 6 digit matching sequence; (for example: if the user UID is 522, the user’s matching 6 digit sequence will be deemed as 000522.

HT Holder Bonus Pool

All participating users with a minimum daily HT position of ≥1,000 HT during the event period can equally share the exclusive bonus pool of 5,000 USDT. (daily HT position snapshot will be taken randomly)

Hash Match Criteria:

  1. The last BTC block hash value just before 12:00 22 May 2020 (GMT+8) will be obtained;
  2. Alphabetical letters will be filtered out from the hash suffix to obtain the last 6-character string of numbers as the winning sequence;

For example:mceclip0.png

After filtering out letters:000000000000000000173607385719670008427673186813

  1. Eligible users with UID criteria matching from back to front:
Matching SuffixUIDPrize Pool
All 6 digits186813Grand Prize Pool
5 digits*86813
4 digits**6813Diamond Prize Pool
3 digits***813
2 digits****13
1 digit*****3
None(all remaining participants)******General Prize Pool

 Points to note

  1. Rewards will be distributed within two (2) weeks after the event ends to winning users’ account;
  2. Each user can only receive one (1) prize. The higher prize will prevail. For example, users who have won the Grand Prize cannot share in the other prize pools. The only exception is the HT Exclusive Bonus Pool where by eligible users who win the Grand/Diamond/General pools can also share the HT Exclusive Bonus Pool.  
  3. This event requires ID verification against the parent UID.
  4. Users with partially matched lending orders are also eligible to participate in the draw.
  5. Huobi Global reserve the rights to disqualify any person who is known or suspected to be cheating or violating any rules and regulations set by Huobi.
  6. The rules and regulations of the promotion shall be subject to Huobi’s final interpretative decision.

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Huobi Global
May 19, 2020