HTX Futures Sub-account Application

There is no asset threshold requirement for HTX Futures to open Futures sub-accounts, and each user can create 200 Futures sub-accounts.

The master account needs to authorize the trading permissions of Futures, Coin-Margined Swaps, USDT-Margined Swaps, and Option for the created sub-accounts. After opening, transactions can be performed at the same time. If you need to log in to configure or freeze your account, please go to the sub-account Exchange management page. How to create and set up sub accounts? Please click >>>

If you already have a sub-account in exchange transactions, you can quickly set up the sub-account to open the trading permissions of Coin-Margined Futures, Coin-Margined Swaps, USDT-Margined Swaps and Option by logging in to the HTX Futures Web. Take USDT-Margined Swaps sub-account transaction permissions as an example:

Visit HTX Futures and log in to your sub-account. If it is prompted that you have not currently activated USDT-margined swaps, you could activate through the following two methods:


Note: you’re recommended to activate USDT-margined swaps for your main account first.


Method A:

1. Click “My” icon on the upper navigation bar and select “Sub-account” to enter into the sub-account management page. Select the corresponding sub-account, click “Set - Trading permissions”, and click the button to enable “Trading access for USDT-margined Swaps”.





2. Then you’ll see the prompt “Successful”. Log in to the sub-account again and you can begin USDT-margined swaps trading.




Method B:

1. Visit https://futures.huobi.beand log in to your main account. Click “USDT-margined Swaps” and follow the prompts to activate the trading permissions of USDT-margined swaps for your main account.


2. Click “My” icon on the upper navigation bar and select “Sub-account”. Enter into the sub-account management page and click “USDT-margined Swaps”.

  • If you already have sub-accounts, select the corresponding sub-account and click the button to enable the access.



  • If you do not have a sub-account, click “Create Sub-account” and enter the information as required.



3. After your sub-account is created, you could refer to the guide from step 1 to activate the trading permissions for USDT-margined swaps.