Awards for Specially Invited Users. Join Huobi Perpetual Swaps to Grab.

Activity 1: Open Huobi Perpetual Swaps to Win EOS Awards!

Activity time: 18:00 on 2020/04/27-18:00 on 2020/05/05 (GMT+8)

During the activity period, specially invited users who open Huobi perpetual swaps service can receive an award in EOS. Users can transfer, withdraw, or use it to experience perpetual swaps trading.


Activity 2: Trade Huobi Perpetual Swaps to Win $3 EOS

Activity time: 18:00 on 2020/05/06-18:00 on 2020/05/12 (GMT+8)

During the activity period, specially invited users who trade any Huobi perpetual swaps with accumulated transaction volume over 1,000 USD can receive a $3 award in EOS.



1. This event is limited to specially invited users, that is, Huobi users who received messages, emails, pushes, or internal messages regarding the activity;

2. Trade Huobi perpetual swaps:;Huobi perpetual swaps operation guide:

3. Awards will be distributed to the user’s Huobi Perpetual Swaps account within one day after the activity ends. Please kindly note our email notification;

4. Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) shall disqualify users’ participation if any malicious behaviors are detected.

5. Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) reserves the right of final interpretation to the event.


Join us through:

WeChat:dm20204, dm20203

QQ Group:1083210627



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