HT Operation Monthly Report (March 2020)

I Business Data

Relative to February 2020, the month-on-month aggregate trading volume of Huobi Global and Huobi Derivative Market has declined by 6.28% for March 2020.

Relative to the fourth quarter of 2019, the aggregate trading volume (Huobi Global & Huobi DM) has increased by 78% for the first quarter of 2020.

II HT Analysis

Total HT burnt in March 2020 amounted to 4,835,500 HT, a 14.7% increase from February 2020. The total amount of HT burnt by Huobi Global as of April 15, 2020 is 202,305,100 HT, with 13,106,300 HT burnt from the revenue in the first quarter 2020. Results of the token burnt will be updated to the Token Burn History Log on April 15, 2020.

Circulating Deflationary Rate: 1.54% (Note: Circulating Deflationary Rate = Current period total burn 4,835,500 HT * 75% / 236,238,100 HT)
Remaining Total Supply: 297,694,900 HT
Total in Circulation: 232,611,400 HT

III Overview of HT in March

1. By 27, March, HBDM Perpetual Contract has been officially launched. Trading pairs for BTC, ETH, BCH and BSV are now supported on PC and the APP.
2. By 25, March, Game service trading platform G5Game, with about 10 million registered users and $710 million annual trading volume, started to support HT for accessories purchase.
3. By 20, March, C2C Lending service has started the internal test. Contact our customer services for a try-out.
4. By March, efforts by HBDM to provide low-risk customers with collateralized HT loans for contract assets is progressing well, and it has opened to some market makers and VIP users on March.
5. By 9, March, Huobi Indonesia launched HT/IDR trading pair to engage more users.

IV Huobi Global March Calendar: Activities & Review

1. By 9, March, Huobi DM launched Partial Liquidation Mechanism, helping users to reduce full liquidation risk. And the new Tiered Adjustment Factors has been live with five tiers of adjustment factors.
2. By 2, March, Huobi Pool has released its “Development Report 2019”, with operating revenues of $320 million (USD), up 549% in 2018. The PoW and Staking has been the primary drivers.

V Upcoming Plans for HT

1. By 10, April, Loom Network added HT as one of the payments. As an infrastructure platform based on Ethereum, LOOM will allow developers to accept HT on DApp of LOOM.
2. HT official website upgrade will be completed in middle of May. Users can learn more about HT on the specific page.
3. Huobi Chain has launched the testnet following the completion of underlying development, including consensus, P2P network, and account models. The developing team is working on the performance and stability tests while continuing to develop its core functions – smart contracts, cross-chain mechanisms, SDKs and blockchain browsers. Due to the impact by Covid-19, the development, security audit and test shall be completed in the third/fourth quarter of 2020 to successfully launch the mainet, a slightly delayed schedule than we predicted.

Huobi Global
April 15, 2020