Huobi Global API is going to support a new time-in-force: FOK (Fill or Kill)

Dear API user,

Currently, while API user placing an order, following enumerated values are valid for mandatory field “type” –
- buy-market
- sell-market
- buy-limit
- sell-limit
- buy-ioc
- sell-ioc
- buy-limit-maker
- sell-limit-maker
- buy-stop-limit
- sell-stop-limit

Since the effective day of this notification, Huobi Global is going to add following new enumerated values into the valid list, for the field –
- buy-limit-fok
- sell-limit-fok
- buy-stop-limit-fok
- sell-stop-limit-fok
An order being placed with any of these 4 new enumerated values implicates FOK (Fill or Kill) time-in-force, which means, either this order is to be completely matched, immediately just after submission, or, it should be fully cancelled by exchange.

The 4 new enumerated values will be included in the valid value list of field “type” for following REST endpoints –
- POST /v1/order/orders/place
- POST /v1/order/batch-orders
- GET /v1/order/openOrders
- GET /v1/order/orders/{order-id}
- GET /v1/order/orders/getClientOrder
- GET /v1/order/orders/{order-id}/matchresults
- GET /v1/order/orders
- GET /v1/order/history
- GET /v1/order/matchresults

They will become possible values in update field from following Websocket topics too –
- “order-type” from orders.$symbol
- “orderType” from trade.clearing#${symbol}
- “order-type” from orders.$symbol.update (Only “buy-limit-fok” and “sell-limit-fok” are possible, “buy-stop-limit-fok” and “sell-stop-limit-fok” will be converted to “buy-limit-fok” and “sell-limit-fok” once being triggered.)

Effective Date: March 30, 2020 (GMT+8)
All the changes will be updated on

Huobi Global
March 29, 2020