Invite Friends Program Escalated Further: Contracts Rebate Launched

Dear users,

In order to continue to expand the rights of “Invite Friends” partners, Huobi Global will now escalate further to the rebate policy. Huobi invite you to join along with Huobi to achieve a win-win situation with the DeFi development in 2020, the trend of accelerated integration of traditional finance and digital finance and the opportunity for potential core users to continue to enter the market. Look forward to the excellent global partners with resources and capabilities to join us!

1. Application time

4th Feb 2020 00:00 – 30th June 2021 23:59 (GMT+8)

2. Partnership rules of spot rebate for channels


LevelPartnership condition & quarterly evaluation criteria (at least fulfil one of them)RebateDuration
Level 1 1. In the past three months, 100 new registered users were invited, including at least 10 of them have done spot trading.40%365 days
 2. In the past three months, newly invitees have accumulative total spot trading transaction of at least 20 BTC. (At least 5 users traded)
 3. Well-known institutions in the industry
 4. Community KOL (2000 users)
 5. Well-known media in the industry (5000 users)
 6. Investment advisors, stockbrokers, chambers of commerce, associations, etc.
 7. Other circumstances that Huobi Official judge to have the ability to invite new users
Level 2 1. In the past three months, 200 new registered users were invited, including at least 20 of them have done spot trading.40%730 days
 2. In the past three months, newly invitees have accumulative total spot trading transaction of at least 50 BTC. (At least 10 users traded)
Level 3 1. Deposit locks 10000 HT40%Unlimited
 2. In the past three months, 500 new registered users were invited, including at least 50 of them have done spot trading.
 3. In the past three months, newly invitees have accumulative total spot trading transaction of at least 100 BTC. (At least 25 users traded)

i. Rebate ratio & duration: Channels of spot rebate partners must meet the conditions in the above table. The spot transaction rebate rate is 40% (The users who have already been invited and registered will not be affected). The rebate duration is divided into three levels, one year, two years since the invitee registered and unlimited. After the duration ends, rebate of the invitees will be stopped.

ii. Quarterly evaluation: Implement the quarterly evaluation rules on the channels’ achievements. The standards are the same as the above table and consistent with the partnership conditions. The evaluation is equivalent to re-rating the channel and only affects the rights of inviting new users after the re-rating. The users who have already been invited and registered will not be affected. Some important instructions are as follows:

a. For Level 1 channels, the resources background will no longer be assessed during the quarterly assessment. Only the completion status of conditions 1 and 2 will be assessed. If the standards are not met, the rights will be back to the default level (30% rebate for 90 days); For Level 2 and Level 3 channels, if the channel fails to meet the standard, the level of rebate will be lowered until the channel status is released;
b. During partnership and evaluation, meeting the conditions in the table above does not necessarily mean that the rights will be opened. The final opening of rights depends on the results of Huobi’s actual inspection. During the inspection, priority will be given to the status of newly registered users and trading users numbers.
c. The transaction volume of the invitees under the professional rate does not included in the evaluation of the invited new users’ transaction amount.

iii. Rebate limit: The spot transaction rebate limit provided by each invitee is 20,000 USDT (including USDT, Point Card, HT three types of assets, Point Card is calculated at 1:1, HT is calculated at the current market price). If the rebate reaches 20,000 USDT limit, the exceeding part of Point Card and HT will stop rebating. There is no limit for the USDT rebate using the basic fee rate (currently 0.2%) (invitees need to turn off the HT and Point Card deduction switches). Invitees can choose their own fee rate system freely. After the limit is reached, rebate of the invitees will be stopped.

iv. Related to the risk control rules: The rebate of the channel that violated the risk control rules will be intercepted and will not be issued to the inviter. The part of intercepting the rebate according to the risk control rules is not counted in the channel evaluation standards.

v. Settlement method: Settle in the next day. In order to facilitate channels to manage its resources, channels that meet the conditions of Level 3 can apply for up to 5 invitation accounts for sub-channel invitation. Sub accounts can be opened directly without restrictions on partnership conditions, but each account needs to independently meet the subsequent quarterly evaluation standards.

vi. Contracts rebate related: Huobi does not provide direct registration for contracts rebate. Interested party must first express whether there is a corresponding intention in the spot registration form and briefly discuss the contracts inviting new users’ development model and feasibility. Huobi will research and evaluate the qualifications of the interested party to decide whether to open the rights and notify the interested party with contracts rebate rules in 10 working days. Currently, contracts rebate is able to support coin-futures contracts and coin-swap contracts. The rebate is manually cleared and settled monthly.

3. Obligations and codes of conduct of channels

i. The channel needs to build and promote regularly through its own channel. Huobi will periodically assess the number of new users and the level of new transactions in the channel on a quarterly basis. The standards and conditions are shown in the table above. Those who fail to meet the standards and conditions will reduce the rebate rights until the channel status is lifted.

ii. Channels must abide Huobi’s brand usage rules and report to Huobi’s channel business department in advance. Do not use Huobi’s Brand without permission. Reporting in advance does not mean that Huobi will provide credit endorsement for the channel’s behaviour.

iii. Channels must follow the restrictive of certain activities and speech when promoting and disseminating. Channels are prohibited to publish false information and price information that disrupt the market order.

iv. Channels that violate the above code of conduct for the first time will be warned. Multiple violations will disqualify the channel as appropriate.

5. Application method

i. Form registration: users can click the form below, fill in the necessary information and submit to complete the registration.
English (Google Form):

ii. Email registration: users can send an application email to [email protected] to register. The email content must include: Huobi UID, business country and region, own resources background, brief business plan, self-introduction, personal WeChat or mobile phone number and other information.

iii. After successful registration, Huobi official will reply within 10 working days. Please always pay attention to your email or WeChat.

Huobi Global will continue to implement the concept of “user first” and make unremitting efforts to promote the development of the blockchain industry. Thank you for your long-term support and you are welcome to give us valuable comments!

The final interpretation of the above rules belongs to Huobi. All rules changes are subject to Huobi’s official announcement.