Huobi Global is going to support 2 new fields into existing REST endpoint -“GET /reference/currencies”

Dear API user,

Since the effective day of this notification, following new fields will be added into existing REST endpoint “GET /reference/currencies” –

1) Base chain name – baseChain
2) Whether dynamic fee type or not – isDynamic

Effective Date: February 3, 2020 (GMT+8)

All the changes will be updated on

Huobi Global
January 16, 2020


The followings are change details:

REST API – reference information of each crypto currency

GET /reference/currencies (Public Endpoint)

  • Request parameter(s)
ParameterRequiredData TypeDescriptionValue RangeDefault Value
currency falsestringCurrency  
authorizedUserfalsebooleanAuthorized usertrue,falsetrue
  • Response
ParameterRequiredData TypeDescriptionValue Range
codetrueintStatus code 
messagefalsestringError message (if any) 
datatrueobjectList in ascending order of “currency” 
  { currencytruestringCurrency 
    chainstrueobjectList in ascending order of “chain” 
      { chaintruestringChain name 
        baseChainfalsestringBase chain name 
        numOfConfirmationstrueintNumber of confirmations required for deposit success (trading & withdrawal allowed once reached) 
        numOfFastConfirmationstrueintNumber of confirmations required for quick success (trading allowed but withdrawal disallowed once reached) 
        minDepositAmttruestringMinimal deposit amount in each request 
        depositStatustruestringDeposit statusallowed,prohibited
        minWithdrawAmttruestringMinimal withdraw amount in each request 
        maxWithdrawAmttruestringMaximum withdraw amount in each request 
withdrawQuotaPerDaytruestringMaximum withdraw amount in a day 
        withdrawQuotaPerYeartruestringMaximum withdraw amount in a year 
        withdrawQuotaTotaltruestringMaximum withdraw amount in total 
        withdrawPrecisiontrueintWithdraw amount precision 
        withdrawFeeTypetruestringType of withdraw feefixed,circulated,ratio
        isDynamicfalsebooleanIs dynamic fee type or not (only applicable to withdrawFeeType = fixed)true,false
        transactFeeWithdrawfalsestringWithdraw fee in each request (only applicable to withdrawFeeType = fixed) 
        minTransactFeeWithdrawfalsestringMinimal withdraw fee in each request (only applicable to withdrawFeeType = circulated) 
        maxTransactFeeWithdrawfalsestringMaximum withdraw fee in each request (only applicable to withdrawFeeType = circulated or ratio) 
        transactFeeRateWithdrawfalsestringWithdraw fee in each request (only applicable to withdrawFeeType = ratio) 
        withdrawStatus }truestringWithdraw statusallowed, prohibited
    instStatus }truestringInstrument statusnormal, delisted