HT Operation Monthly Report (November 2019)

Ⅰ Destruction of HT
As of November 30, 2019 (GMT+8), the cumulative number of HT destroyed was 33,719,800.

Ⅱ HT Application Scenarios
1. Spot transaction fees and leveraged coin loan interest deduction
2. Security Deposits of Huobi Next Project Teams
3. Global Elites Security Deposits
4. Security Deposits of OTC Merchants
5. Huobi Global Ecosystem Fund
6. OTC Legal Support
7. HT Holder Benefits
8. Huobi Eco Partner Trading Zone
9. Huobi Cloud Security Deposits
10. Huobi Prime Projects
11. FastTrack Listing Vote
12. Huobi Club Supports HT as a Token
13. Community Service Providers Support HT as a Token
14. Multiple Incubators Support HT as a Token
15. Brand Miners Support HT as a Token
16. Multiple TOP10 Mining Pools Support HT as a Token
17. 30+ Media of Digital Currency Support HT as a Token
18. Multiple Headhunters Support HT as Token

Ⅲ Chronicle of Events
On November 21, a blockchain product salon hosted by Baidu Smart Cloud was held in Beijing. Liu Yao, the head of Baidu Cloud's blockchain product, announced that Baidu Smart Cloud and Huobi China officially established an ecological cooperation relationship of blockchain.

On November 22, Chen Haiteng, CEO of Huobi Japan, became the new director of the Japan Monthly of People's Daily Overseas.

On December 1, 14 companies including Huobi China attended the BSN Development Alliance's joining ceremony as the first members.

On December 2, Yeyun Blockchain Points Issuance Supervision System was officially launched, which has become a typical application of Huobi China's blockchain technology in the field of empowering Hainan and inclusive livelihood.

On December 4, "Hainan on the Chain" Ecological Alliance was announced, and Huobi China and the Hainan Free Trade Port Blockchain Pilot Zone became the first members.

On December 5, Hainan Free Trade Port Digital Economy and Blockchain International Cooperation Forum, the world's first blockchain ministerial forum, was opened in Haikou by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hainan province, co-organized by the Finance Center for South-South Cooperation, and hosted by Hainan ECO-Software Park and Huobin China.

On December 10, Huobi China officially became the executive director of the Education Branch of CCIA(China Communications Industry Association).

Ⅳ HT's Recent Plan
1. Cross-margin to support HT as a secured asset was officially launched at 15:00 on December 16, 2019;
2. Plan to release specific usage rules and limits for investor protection funds;
3. Plan to release specific usage rules and limits of the HT operating;
4. One-Click HT Dust Sweep is planned to go online in January 2020.

Huobi Global
December 13, 2019