MaxEarn Debuts on Huobi Earn: Get 5% APY on Your USDT Deposits Now!

Dear Huobi Users,

Huobi Earn is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our product lineup - MaxEarn to provide diversified wealth growth solutions to our users. Make a large deposit and enjoy the benefits of high APY, flexible deposits and redemptions, secure asset management, and stable returns. The details are as follows:

Applicable token: USDT (Please stay tuned for more cryptos.)

Deposit amount requirement: ≥ 10,000 USDT


See below for APY and redemption fee rates:



Fee Rate


4.00% + 1.00% (bonus)


Tiered redemption fee rate

Holding duration: ≤ 180 days


Holding duration: >180 days and ≤ 365 days


Holding duration: >365 days


Note: With a fixed APY of MaxEarn, you can achieve greater returns with lower redemption costs by holding the product for a longer duration.


Target users:

  • High-Net-Worth Individual Investors: If you have accumulated significant wealth and are seeking investment opportunities with high returns, this product is suitable for you as a robust long-term asset allocation strategy. It does entail short-term redemption fees that you would need to bear.
  • Professional Investors: For institutional investors, fund managers, or other professional investors who can select high-quality passive income products based on market insights and investment experience, this product is well-suited as a stable and high-return investment option.
  • Long-Term Investors: If you have funds set aside for long-term investment, such as retirement reserves or education funds for your children, and are open to committing these funds to passive income products over an extended period, this product is an excellent fit for you. It can help you hedge against short-term market fluctuations while securing stable yields.

Please note: You should fully understand the product characteristics and earning features of MaxEarn, assess your risk tolerance, and consider factors like liquidity and redemption fees to ensure that the product aligns with your financial needs and investment horizon.

Product comparison:

Product Type




Minimum deposit

It usually does not require a minimum deposit, and investors can decide how much to deposit at their will.

It does not require a minimum deposit, and investors can deposit or redeem at any time at their will.

It usually requires a minimum deposit, which may be high.

Redemption fee

Early withdrawal during the deposit term may incur penalties or interest loss.

It usually does not require redemption fees and has high liquidity.

There may be redemption fees or locked periods, i.e., funds cannot be freely redeemed for a certain period.

Interest rate

Relatively low but fixed and stable, unaffected by market fluctuations.

Relatively low, comparable to market interest rates, and may fluctuate with market changes.

Relatively high interest rates and higher returns.



  • Minimum deposit: 10,000 USDT. (If you redeem 3,000 USDT after a subscription with a balance of 7,000 USDT, you can still meet the minimum investment amount for the next subscription by depositing only 10,000 USDT.)
  • Interest calculation: For a subscription made on T day, interest will begin accruing on T+1 day. Cumulative interest and principal will be distributed together after redemption. For a redemption made on T day, interest calculation will end on T day, and your principal and accrued interest will be credited to your account together on T+0 day.
  • Redemption fee rates: 0%-0.5% of the principal redeemed will be charged as the fee for each redemption.
  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY): It refers to the annualized rate of return. Earnings calculated with APY do not include redemption fees.
  • Arrival time: Flexible redemption is supported, with the funds redeemed credited to your account on T+0 day.



  • Steady: MaxEarn offers higher returns than Fixed products with stable and consistent performance.
  • Flexible: The product allows you to subscribe and redeem your assets anytime. The assets redeemed will be credited to your account on T+0 day.
  • Fully protected: The safety and stability of your assets will be ensured as the product is based on Huobi's robust risk management system.


How to subscribe:

  • For app users:

Method 1: Homepage > Huobi Earn > MaxEarn

Method 2: Assets > Huobi Earn > MaxEarn


  • For Web users:

Method 1: Assets > Huobi Earn > MaxEarn

Method 2: Earn > Huobi Earn > MaxEarn



May 25, 2023


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