Huobi Pool Launches Persistence (XPRT) Staking


Dear Valued Users,

Huobi Pool is launching Persistence (XPRT) Staking! Stake to earn rewards and enjoy up to 30% annual percentage rate (APR)!

Launch Time: 10:00 (UTC) on Oct 11, 2021 


Token for Staking: XPRT

Token for Rewards: XPRT

Rewards Calculation Starting Time: T+1

Rewards Distribution Time: T+2

Staking Cycle: Users can withdraw the staked tokens at any time; Tokens will arrive within 21 days after the ticket is withdrawn.

Participation Quota: Initial investment of at least 0.1 XPRT


  • The rewards for staking Persistence are dynamic, and APR will vary according to the rules of Persistence rewards.
  • Staking rewards will be automatically distributed to users' exchange accounts according to the distribution rules.

Participation Method:


Huobi Global: Login to the Huobi Official Website: Find “Finance” on the navigation menu, and click “Staking.”

Huobi Pool: Login to Huobi Pool Official Website Find "Staking" on Banner and click to join.

Mobile App: 

Huobi Global: Update the mobile app to version 6.1.2 or above. Find “More” on the homepage, click "Finance" and click “Staking”.

Huobi Pool: Find "Staking" on Banner and click.

Huobi Pool

October 11, 2021


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