Huobi Global Will Support aelf (ELF) Mainnet Upgrade

Dear Valued Users,

To support the aelf (ELF) mainnet upgrade, Huobi Global will convert ERC-20 ELF tokens to mainnet ELF tokens automatically for holders. The rewards for the token swap will be delivered to users' accounts in accordance with the aelf official announcement. Deposits and withdrawals for ERC-20 ELF tokens will be disabled once the upgrade is completed.

Click HERE for aelf (ELF) official announcement on the token swap.

The detailed arrangement is as follows:

1. Suspension of Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposits & withdrawals for ERC-20 ELF tokens will be suspended starting from 02:00 (UTC) on Sept. 16, and the resumption will be announced in a further announcement. Please note that its trading services will be unaffected during the mainnet upgrade.

2. Suspension of Loan Services in Margin Trading and Crypto Loans 

  • Loan services for ERC-20 ELF tokens in Margin trading and Crypto Loans will be suspended starting from 01:30 on Sept. 16. Please handle them prior to the suspension. The resumption will be announced in a further announcement.
  • As the Upgrade may come with significant price fluctuations, which could cause asset liquidation, please make prudent, informed decisions based on your own risk appetite.

3. Snapshot and Token Swap Rewards

  • A system snapshot will be taken at 16:00 (UTC) on Sept. 16, covering ELF balances in the Exchange account and Margin account (For tokens that are borrowed but not repaid, the unpaid ones will be deducted; the interest that should be returned will also be deducted). The balances snapshotted in sub-accounts and parent accounts will be counted separately.
  • The token swap rewards will be sent to users' Exchange accounts with a proportionate distribution based on users' balances snapshotted. A further announcement will be released once the reward distribution is finished.

Please Note:

Considering the complex migration process, please deposit ELF tokens to Huobi Global before 02:00 (UTC) on Sept. 16. We will handle all matters for you.

Security Reminder:

Please be cautious of false propaganda and screen out fraudulent sales. All information related to Huobi must be sought from our official announcements, emails, text messages, and app push notifications to avoid asset losses. In addition, to prevent any frauds in the disguise of Huobi Global, an official verification channel is offered ( for you to check the phone number, Facebook, and website, etc. you receive.

Thank you for your support!

Huobi Global

Sept. 15, 2021


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