Announcement on the Adjustment of Price Limit Mechanism

Dear valued users,

To provide you with better trading experience, Huobi Futures will adjust the upper and lower limits of basis price limit for coin-margined futures, coin-margined swaps, and USDT-margined swaps at 10:00 am on Mar. 24, 2021 (UTC). The details of the adjustment are as below:

1. For coin-margined futures:


2. For coin-margined swaps:


3. For USDT-margined swaps:


For more details, please refer to

Price Limit Mechanism for Coin-margined Futures

Price Limit Mechanism for Coin-margined Swaps

Price Limit Mechanism for USDT-margined Swaps

Thank you for your support!


Huobi Futures

Mar. 24, 2021