Margin Trading Tutorial (App)

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Open Huobi App, log in to your account, and click the "Trade" below the homepage.

Switch to Cross Margin trading.

Here we divide the margin trading page into 9 sectors:

  1. Trading type:cross margin vs isolated margin
  2. The risk ratio for Margin account
  3. Side: buy/sell
  4. Order type: limit order, market order, TP/SL order
  5. Buy/Sell order sector
  6. Sell order book
  7. Buy order book
  8. Order history
  9. Line chart (live price trend)

In the order sector, enter a proper price with reference to the orderbook price, enter the amount, and lastly click "Buy (Long) BTC".(Same steps for sell orders.)

At this time, the system will automatically calculate the loan amount required for this trade. Please note the loan amount cannot exceed the available amount.

The buy/sell price entered for the current order is the last price by default, and if you wish your order can be filled quickly, please change the “Limit” order to the "Market" order.

As an example, let's say the market price of BTC is 23440.22 USDT for now, and you want to buy BTC at the price of 20,000.0 USDT, then you can opt to place a "Limit" order.

Assume that BTC's market price is 23440.22 USDT, and you want to sell BTC at the price of 25,000 USDT, then you can place a "TP/SL" order.

Meanwhile, you can slide the bar to invest a percentage of your account's balance to buy BTC.