PrimeEarn High-Yield Tuesday 16th: Team Up to Win $1M Bonus and Up to 50% APY for USDT/USDD/BTC/ETH

Dear Valued Users,

Every Tuesday (11:00 UTC), Huobi Global will host the "PrimeEarn High-Yield Tuesday" deposit event. The deposit rules of the 16th PrimeEarn event also to allocate the deposit amount according to the daily average assets of users' flexible deposits. Team activities continue to be promoted, and all teams that fall into the 100,000/1,000,000/10,000,000 categories will have the opportunity to receive interest rate hikes; at the same time, many individual interest rate hike benefits await! We sincerely invite you to participate with your friends and win up to 50% APY!


Launch time: 11:00 (UTC) on May 24, 2022


● Participating products


Original APY

Deposit Period


Total cap



14 days (Early redemption not allowed)

No APY Tier Rate

108 million USDT








● Deposit Rules

Users need to make deposits for BTC/ETH/USDT flexible deposit products before the start of the 16th PrimeEarn event. The platform will then allocate the deposit amount based on the daily average amount of the user's flexible deposit account. The details are as follows:

  • Flexible deposit time period:16:00 (UTC) on May 18 -16:00 (UTC) on May 23
  • Scope of flexible deposit amount: The user's BTC/ETH/USDT flexible deposit account on Huobi Earn (excludes fixed deposits and other flexible deposit assets).
  • Deposit amount allocation method: The more assets a user has in the flexible deposit account, the higher the amount that can be deposited in PrimeEarn 16th.
  • Notice: Huobi Earn will calculate the daily average deposit amount of BTC/ETH/USDT flexible deposit based on the price at 16:00 (UTC) on May 23


● This event will boost the APY benefits

Ø Benefit 1: Team up to win 40% APY for USDT

Teams are limited to 3-5 users. Based on the total accumulated deposits of each team that took part during the 16th PrimeEarn, the top 3 teams belonging to the following categories: the 10 million category – (total deposit over 10 million USDT); the 1 million category(deposit 1 million USDT-10 million USDT), the 100,000 category – (deposit 100,000-1 million USDT), will enjoy an APY boost! Click here to participate in team activities.

Total accumulated deposits(USDT) 10 million category≥10 million 1 million category1 million ~10 million 0.1 million category0.1million ~1 million
Top 1 40%APY 20%APY 30%APY 17%APY 25%APY 15%APY
Top 2 30%APY 17%APY 25%APY 15%APY 20%APY 12%APY
Top 3 25%APY 15%APY 20%APY 12%APY 15%APY 10%APY
*Note: 30% of the total accumulated deposits of USDT/ETH can enjoy boosted APY, and the remaining 70% will have the original APY applied.


Ø Benefit 2: Deposit as individual to win 20% APY for USDT

Make a deposit in PrimeEarn products and enjoy APY booster rewards.



APY after boost

Cumulative deposit amount of any token in PrimeEarn≥100,000USDT





Cumulative deposit amount of any token in PrimeEarn≥300,000USDT





*Note: 30% of the total accumulated deposits of USDT/ETH can enjoy boosted APY, and the remaining 70% will have the original APY applied.


Ø Benefit 3: All users who participate in 16th PrimeEarn to get APY booster coupon airdrop

  • APY Booster Coupon Airdrop Object: All users who participate in the 16th PrimeEarn deposit will receive the airdrop regardless of whether the deposit is successful or not.
  • APY Booster Coupon: USDT+0.5%APY and ETH+0.1%APY.
  • APY booster coupon introduction: Unlimited flexible deposit rate hike coupons.


● Please note

1. Users deposits in PrimeEarn 16th can be made any time before the end of the cut-off time. Any deposit not completed after the cut-off time will be automatically invalidated.

2. The total interest rate increase prize pool of PrimeEarn is 1 million USDT. BTC and UST are not eligible for the interest rate booster reward, but will be counted as part of the accumulated deposit amount of the event.

3. Description of the team up rules

  • How to team up: Click to join the team
  • Deadline for team up: 8:00 (UTC) on May 24, which is 3 hours before the launch of PrimeEarn 16th product.
  • Huobi Global will announce the leaders’UIDs of the top three ranking teams after the cap is reached, and each team member of the top three teams will receive APY booster rewards. Please pay close attention to the results announcement.
  • Team members (including captains) with less than 3 valid user UIDs or more than 5 user UIDs will be considered invalid, and the platform will consider them as individual deposit users according to their subscription status.
  • If there is a duplicate UID in the team, the platform will calculate the interest rate increase reward based on the team that signs up first.

4. When a user participates in multiple rate hikes at the same time, we will apply the highest boosted interest rate reward, and the boosted rate reward cannot be stacked.

5. Boosted interest and original earnings will be credited to your Huobi Earn account after the lock-up period ends. The boosted APY will not be reflected in the PrimeEarn product.


"PrimeEarn High-Yield Tuesday": Don’t miss out on the highest APYs in the mainstream token market!


How to Participate:

● Website: Log in to Huobi Global, and find Huobi Earn under Finance on the navigation menu

Click here:

● App: Tap Huobi Earn on the homepage

Click here:


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May 18, 2022


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