Thumbs-Up and Celebrate The Lunar New Year and share 6,000USDT on P2P!

Dear Valued Users, 

Huobi P2P is inviting you to participate in the trading competition. All Advertisers stand a chance to win a share of the 6,000 USDT prize pool. This competition will last for 14 days!  

Promotion: Advertiser Prize Pool of 6,000 USDT

A prize pool of 6,000 USDT will be rewarded to the eligible Advertisers ranked by the number of unique users they traded with during the competition period.

Competition period: 16:00 (UTC) on Jan 26 - 15:59 (UTC) on Feb 9, 2022

The prize will be distributed as follows:


Prize (In USDT)


1,000 USDT


Share 1,000 USDT and 500 USDT each


Share 800 USDT and 400 USDT each


Share 600 USDT and 300 USDT each


Share 400 USDT and 200 USDT each


100 USDT


Share 1000 USDT and 25 USDT each

The remaining eligible advertisers

Share 1,100 USDT 

All eligible Advertisers that published ads can stand a chance to win a share of the 6,000 USDT prize pool!

To be eligible for the promotion rewards, Advertisers must trade with unique users who have passed advanced verification, complete a minimum total trading volume of 5,000 USDT.


Terms & Conditions:

1. For promotion, an advertiser refers to a user who posts trade ads and processes transactions. Currently no fees are charged for advertisers on Huobi P2P.

2. Fees may be incurred for purchases of crypto using fiat currency outside of the Huobi platform. Such fees shall be borne by the buyer.

3. Users who trade BTC/USDT/ETH/HT/EOS/HUSD/XRP/LTC on P2P will be able to participate in the event. The exchange rates will be based on closing prices on the trading days of the event.

4. Please complete advanced verification (ID & face comparison) before trading or advertising:

5. Rewards will be distributed to the user's Huobi Exchange Account within 7 working days after the end of the event.

6. Any fraudulent behavior, as well as trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation are strictly prohibited during the event, otherwise all rewards will be forfeited.

7. Huobi Global reserves the right to have sole discretion to amend or revise the terms of this event or cancel this event at any time and for any reasons without prior notice


Risk Reminder: 

Trading digital assets and digital asset derivatives comes with high risks due to significant price volatility. Please fully understand all the risks and make prudent decisions before trading. Please read our detailed risk reminder at Huobi will not be responsible for your trading.





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