HT Operation Monthly Report (April 2021)


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Thank you for your continuous support and trust in HT. We have regrouped April HT information for your review.

I. Huobi Token Data and Events Calendar

1. Data of Huobi Token

In April 2021, Huobi Global burnt 5.615 million HT (about 104.269 million USDT), which is 54.2% higher than that in March. As of May 15th, 2021, the number of burnt HT combined has reached 265.73 million.

The HT deflation rate of the month is 2.22%. 【Calculation Function: HT deflation rate = (5.615 million HT burnt amount * (15%/20%))/ previous period's total quantity in circulation 189.229 million HT】

Aggregate HT Circulation Amount: 234,269,000 HT

Current HT Circulation Amount: 185,017,000 HT

HT holders growth in April: 14.3% higher than last month

Please refer HT burning scheme of Huobi Global to the following:

The Results for HT Token Burn Program Community Vote

Announcement on the Continuation of "Monthly" Burn of HT

2. Huobi Token Activities of April

·     On May 11, Global Global announced the relaunch of Huobi Prime on May 20, 2021. Time for Huobi Prime participation: 00:00:00 May 14, 2021 – 23:59:59 May 19, 2021

·     User is eligible to participate with a minimum holding of 300 HT, users can check the daily HT holding amount on their account calendar. Credentials for participation will be available on May 20th, 2021.

·     HECO Announced Global Node Election on May 7th, 2021. Candidates need to stake 5,000 HT until candidate withdrawal from node governance before staked HT can be released. The releasing period takes 15 days.

·     DefiBox and HECO community jointly initiated HT Mining Campaign, “HT Gold Shovel Labor Day,” user can choose to stake HT single token or liquidity token trading pairs to participate in the mining campaign between April 30 – May 5, 2021.

·     As of May 8th, 2021, Huobi Global listed 20 mining campaigns, 5 DeFi liquidity mining campaigns, involving 170 million staked HT. Huobi Global has distributed accumulated 671 million USDT worth of staking reward to users. 

3. Institution Data

BitUniverse: Huobi Global digital asset size reached $24.396 billion. According to the BitUniverse Exchange Transparent Digital Asset Ranking, Huobi Global's digital asset size stood at US$24.396 billion (252,300 BTC + 3,854,300 ETH + 1.241 billion USDT) as of 15:00 UTC+8 on 12 May. (Note: The above data is independently published by third party research institutions, Huobi Global only quotes third party data and Huobi Global is not legally responsible for the third party data)

II Business Development at Huobi

1. April 2021, Huobi Global listed 9 Layer2, compound Polkadot, HECO, Algorithm stablecoin assets - INSUR, FILDA, RAI, MIR, STAKE, APN, CAN, FORTH, NY.

2. Huobi Global started DOGE, SHIB, and ICP trading tournaments between May 6 – May 13, May 10 – May 17, May 11 – May 18, by offering 33,000 DOGE, 35,000 DOGE, 30,000 HUSB rewards.

3. Huobi Global launched user benefit campaigns between May 6 – May 13, May 10th offering BTC 50% off coupon and 10,000 newbie bag for Huobi Futures.

4 April 22 – April 29, Huobi Global initiated CAN, INSUR staking campaign, user can split 2,500 CAN and 7,500 INSUR rewards.

5. Between April 22 – April 29, Huobi Global initiated Deposit FORTH and Split 100,000 HUSD reward campaign.

6. As of April 30, Huobi USDT based perpetual swap has supported 89 varieties, including 44 assets supported with full position, 51 assets supported with token-based perpetual swaps, and 13 assets in delivery. The asset spectrum covers popular concepts like NFT, Layer2, DeFi, Polkadot, and storage.

III Media Coverage

1. Bloomberg: Huobi Technology Holdings Ltd. has launched four cryptocurrency-related funds.

2. The Paper: Huobi Co-founder Dujun believes that Bitcoin has become a safe-haven asset of choice for individuals and institutions.

3. Jinse: Huobi Night NFT charity auction raises over $300,000.


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May 15th, 2021