Huobi Global Launches The 2nd Premier VIP Program!

Dear users,

To improve the spot trading experience, Huobi Global will launch "The 2nd Premier VIP Program" at 16:00 on March 13th, 2021 (UTC). Deposit now to enjoy VIP rates!

The 2nd VIP Premier Program:

 Cumulative Net Deposit Threshold

VIP Rates

Validity Period

10 BTC

Potential VIP (Maker 0.0467%, Taker 0.0513%)

3 Months

20 BTC

VIP-to-be (Maker 0.0398%, Taker 0.0475%)

50 BTC

Pro.1 (Maker 0.0362%, Taker 0.0462%)

100 BTC

Pro.2 (Maker 0.0294%, Taker 0.0420%)

Activity Period: 16:00, March 13th - 16:00, March 23rd (UTC)

Calculation Rules:

  1. Starting from 16:00 on March 13th, the cumulative net deposits will be calculated every 24 hours during the activity period.
  2. Cumulative Net Deposits = (Deposit Amount - Withdrawal Amount) + (OTC Purchase Amount - OTC Selling Amount)
  3. Only the deposits of the following 24 assets will be counted for this activity: BTC, USDT, ETH, LTC, BCH, EOS, BSV, TRX, ETC, XRP, ZEC, LINK, ATOM, DASH, DOT, NEO, UNI, ADA, FIL, MDX, CHZ, FLOW, NEAR and MATIC (non-BTC assets will be converted into BTC based on the closing price of the day).

"VIP Rate" Effective Rules:

  1. Users who meet the deposit threshold will enjoy the VIP rate within three working days. Eligible users will receive an SMS/email notification before it takes effect.
  2. Users can both enjoy the VIP rates and their existing rates at the same time.

      2.1 During the activity period, the "Cumulative Net Deposit " amount will be computed daily. The VIP rate will be upgraded automatically when the deposit requirement is met.

      For example:

      A user deposits 50 BTC on March 13th and she/he can enjoy Pro.1 VIP rate. If another 50 BTC are deposited on March 14th, the Pro.1 VIP rate will be upgraded to Pro.2 automatically since her/his cumulative deposits reach 100 BTC.

      2.2 During the activity period, the actual rate level upgrade for eligible users under this VIP program will be unaffected.

      For example: 

      A user's VIP rate is Pro.2 under the VIP program, but her/his trading volume and HT holdings meet the requirements of Pro.3. Then the rate level of this user will be upgraded to the Pro.3 level automatically.

  1. The VIP rate will be adjusted again one day before the end of the program according to the user's latest "cumulative net deposit" amount. 

      For example: 

      A user currently enjoys Pro.2 VIP rate, but the cumulative net deposit amount drops to 5 BTC one day before the end of the activity. Then the user will no longer enjoy the VIP rate.


  1. Relevant data are based on the statistics and results of Huobi Global.
  2. Huobi reserves the right to revise and interpret the rules in the program.

Huobi Global

March 13th, 2021