A Guide to Huobi Futures Trading Page (App)

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Open Huobi App, log in to your account, and tap "USDT-M" in the functions zone or "Futures" at the bottom to enter the futures trading page.

Let's discover the 8 sections on the futures trading page together.

1. Futures types and other derivatives: Futures products include USDT-Margined futures and Coin-Margined futures, both of which are of the same trading page layout. While Options is a different derivatives product with different trading rules and is discussed in another tutorial.

2. Trading Symbols: Under USDT-M or Coin-M, tap the sub-tabs to select from the specific contracts you want to trade, including perpetual futures and delivery futures. You can also directly browse the list or search for the symbol you wish to trade.

3. This sector displays some features icons with quick access to certain service and settings pages, such as grid trading, candlestick chart, etc.

4. Select margin mode (Cross vs Isolated) and position mode (Hedge vs One-way)

5. Order Sector: In this main sector of the futures trading page, you can select to Open or Close a position, view the available amount, transfer in more funds, choose from order types, set leverage, fill in the order price or select BBO price, set order size (manually enter an amount or drag the slider to invest a portion of your account's balance), and tap the button Open Long or Open Short to trade.

6. Orderbook Sector: As shown in the right part in the screenshot, buy/sell orders are in red/green colors respectively, with the last price shown in the middle of the orderbook sector. The orderbook shows the real-time demand and supply of a specific asset at various bid and offer prices and sizes, which serve as an important reference for traders.

7. Positions and Open Orders: Once an order is sent to the market, its status as an open order or filled order can be viewed under the Open Orders or Positions, where you can check or manage them easily.

8. Candlechart:

If you have read through this article to this paragraph, then you should have had a general idea of both the futures and the trading page. Hope this brief introduction can help you in your futures trading journey.