Happy International Workers' Day: Trade to Grab $70,000!

Activity Period: 4:00 am on Apr. 30, 2021 – 15:59 pm on May. 6, 2021 (UTC)

Registration Form: https://su-8093e18f196b3d42.jinshuju.com/f/Kl6mUN

Designated derivatives: Coin-margined futures, Coin-margined swaps and USDT-margined swaps


During the event, registered users who trade any of the designated derivatives with daily trading volume of no less than 1,000USD will be considered to complete a checkpoint. Various prize pools will be evenly shared based on the number of checkpoint days of users. The more checkpoints you complete, the more awards you will get.

The number of checkpoint days

Awards that can be evenly shared







Lucky Draw:

In the meantime, all traders who complete a checkpoint are qualified for the lucky draw. 100 lucky traders will be awarded 100 USDT each.

Detailed rules for the lucky draw:

1. The platform will take the hash value of the last BTC block by 2:00 am on May 7, 2021 (UTC) as the winning sequence;

2. A user’s UID contains 10 digits at most. If a user’ s UID contains less than 10 digits, “0” will be added before the first digit till 10 digits (for example, assume that the user’s UID is 12345, the adjusted UID will be 0000012345);

3. The last 10 digits of the winning sequence will be matched with users’ UID from the first digit backward, and the top 100 lucky users with the most consecutive identical digits will receive 100USDT each;

4. Only the top 100 users will receive 100 USDT each. If the number of qualified users who match the equal digits exceeds the number of winners, these users will be ranked by UID from small to large. (the smaller the UID value, the earlier the registration time);

For example:

1. Assuming that the hash value of the last BTC block by 2:00 am on May 7, 2021 (UTC) is 0x95519f40a75c3f46d0426d5db908458b3d056b929d02b536c1c6d431ec94f093;

2. The winning sequence is as below by deleting the letters: 0955194075346042659084583056929025361643194093;

a. If a user’s UID exactly matches the last 10 digits “1643194093”, the user will be a lucky winner and awarded;

b. If the first digit of user’s UID does not match, the last 9 digits will be compared, and users whose UIDs exactly match the last 9 digits “643194093” will be lucky winners and awarded;

c. If the first two digits of user’s UID do not match, the last 8 digits will be compared, and users whose UIDs exactly match the last 8 digits “43194093” will be the lucky winners and awarded;

d. By analogy, when the last 3 digits of UID are retrieved and only 5 lucky winners will be awarded, while there are 8 users whose UIDs match the last 3 digits of the winning sequence, such as 31093, 452093, 1233093, 98125093, 174896093, 294547093, 5678093, and 39093. These 8 users will be ranked by UID value from small to large, and users with UIDs of 31093, 39093, 452093, 1233093, and 5678093 shall be awarded in turn.



1. Sub-accounts are not supported in this activity;

2. The awards will be delivered to users’ cross margin account of Huobi USDT-margined swaps within 7 business days after the activity ends, please kindly check. If any user account has not been activated prior to the end of this activity, it will be regarded as giving up the reward;

3. Users shall trade one of the derivatives to join our activity. Please note that trading volume (USDT:USD=1:1) won’t be added up across different derivatives;

4. Huobi Futures shall disqualify users’ participation if any malicious behavior is detected;

5. All users are required to sign up and fill in the registration form during the event; Registration Form: https://su-8093e18f196b3d42.jinshuju.com/f/sMATR6;

6. Huobi Futures reserves the right of final interpretation to this event.

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Please stay tuned.


Risk reminder: Digital asset derivatives are innovative investment products with price fluctuates greatly. Trading digital asset derivatives carry a high level of risk. Please judge your investment ability rationally and make your decisions prudently; Huobi Futures does not take responsibility for any trading behaviors resulting in direct or indirect losses. Huobi Futures reserves the right to modify, revise or cancel the announcement at any time without prior notice.