HTX's Latest Market Maker Application Policy

Dear HTX Users,

Welcome to the HTX Market Maker program.

The following are the latest Market Maker application policies:


1. Eligibility

Become a Market Maker on HTX if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Asset balance: 5 BTC in your spot account on HTX; 3 BTC in your futures account on HTX.
  • Trading volume: A trailing 30-day futures trading volume of 5,000,000 USDT.

HTX market makers can enjoy benefits starting at Tier 2 and receive a spot maker rebate of up to 0.01% and a futures maker rebate of up to 0.02%.


  • Balance: Total assets in user's Spot and Futures accounts on HTX reach 2,000,000 USDT.
  • Level in other exchanges: Top-tier Market-maker status in another exchange.

If either of the above two requirements is met, you can advance to Tier S market maker and enjoy the corresponding preferential policies.


2. Benefits for New HTX Market Makers

2.1 Evaluation Exemption

Newly-registered market makers are exempted from evaluation for the first two months of their registration. If they get downgraded after an evaluation, they will still maintain the benefits associated with their current levels. If they were upgraded, they would move to the next level as per the rules.

Evaluation Exemption Period:

1) New market makers who join us on and before the 15th day of the month will be exempted from performance evaluation for the current month and will be assessed starting the following month.

2) Those who join us after the 15th day of the month will be exempted from performance evaluation for the current and following month. They will only be formally assessed beginning from the third month.

After the evaluation exemption period: makers will be assessed according to the evaluation rules; takers will be assessed based on their last 30-day trading volume/balances in compliance with the Prime membership system.

2.2 Rules of level maintenance and advancement

New market makers stand to enjoy the benefits of level maintenance and advancement once by default.

1) Level maintenance benefit: Once every calendar year by default. Level maintenance rights can be asserted should evaluations lead to a level downgrade or elimination result.

2) Level advancement benefit: Once every calendar year by default. Level advancement rights can asserted at any time to determine the highest membership level a market maker can reach in a year.

3) The evaluation exemption period is subject to the market maker's UID and corresponding spot or futures trading business unit.

4) Benefits of level maintenance and advancement apply only to the Maker levels, not Taker. The Taker's fee rate and levels are subject to the Prime program.

5) New level maintenance and advancement benefits (one-time use) will be given to market makers on January 1 every year. Unused benefits from last year will be deemed invalid.


3. Applying for a HTX Market Maker

3.1 Recommended Method

Fill out the Market Maker Application Form on our official website

3.2 Alternative Method

Provide the following information to [email protected] with the email name: 【market maker+city+your name+your UID】:

  • Main Account (UID)
  • Contact details ( such as Email/Phone Number/WeChat ID/Telegram )
  • Location
  • Screenshots of your Market-Maker trading volume in other exchanges or HTX (such as 30-day trading volume or VIP level, etc.)

Note: Evidence that can be used as proof of your trading:

1. Screenshots of your total assets or trading volume on HTX.

2. Screenshots of your level as a Market Maker or trading volume on another exchange.

3. Screenshots of your level at the former HTX Market Maker program, such as 30-day trading volume or VIP level.


We welcome all level Maker/Taker strategy users to participate in HTX's Market Maker program for the long term.



October 19, 2022


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