Including Spain as restricted jurisdiction for derivatives

Dear users,

Huobi Global has always been committed to offering digital asset trading services while following applicable laws. To comply with the laws of Spain, we are including Spain as a restricted jurisdiction in respect of trading in derivatives. The following products/services will be affected: (i) coin-margined futures; (ii) coin-margined swaps; (iii) USDT-margined contracts; and (iv) options.

We will restrict Spain-based users’ access to open new positions on the above derivative products/services from 13:40 (UTC) on May 31, 2022. Spain-based users with existing open positions will be able to close their positions after 13:40 (UTC) on May 31, 2022.

Huobi Global will give our Spain-based users timely updates in respect of any additional relevant information or changes to the above schedule.

Thank you for your support!


Huobi Global 

May 31, 2022