Huobi Global Weekly (12.06-12.12): The 6th Primelist Benefits Coming on Dec. 14th, 10:00.

1. Last Week’s Wrap-Up 

Fifth Primelist:RIFI

505,874 people participated in the 5th Primelist RIFI promotion on Dec.7, representing 161 different countries. RIFI hit 3.91 USDT in 15 minutes with the highest increase of 3,910%. The amount of Huobi Tokens locked reached over 35,798,495, with a maximum yield up to 2709%.


Pioneer Zone New Launch

OPUL went live on December 6, with a maximum gain of 70.45%since launch.

SPELL went live on December 7, with a maximum gain of 146.59%since launch.

SUPER went live on December 7, with a maximum gain of 100.73%since launch.

FOX went live on December 7, with a maximum gain of 183.02%since launch.

IDEX went live on December 7, with a maximum gain of 183.33%since launch.

XTM went live on December 8, with a maximum gain of 73.83%since launch.

GODS went live on December 9, with a maximum gain of 151.71%since launch.

AURY went live on December 10, with a maximum gain of 56.90%since launch.


2. What to Watch Out for This Week

>6th Primelist UNB<

Huobi Global will be listing Unbound Finance (UNB) on our brand new token listing platform, Primelist, at 10:00 (UTC) on Dec 14

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>Huobi Futures<

$100,000 December Giveaway for Derivatives Trading(1206 -1213)

Campaign Period: 10:00 (UTC) on Dec 6, 2021 – 15:59 (UTC) on Dec 12, 2021 

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$50,000 Giveaways to Celebrate New Swap Listings(1209-1216)

Campaign Period: 6:00 (UTC) on Dec 9, 2021 – 15:59 (UTC) on Dec 16, 2021

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$1M Bounty for New USDT-M Contracts Users(1201 - 0113)

Campaign Period: 10:00 (UTC) on Dec 1, 2021 – 12:00 (UTC) on Jan 13, 2022 

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> Spot<

Trade, Spin, Win! - $1M and Grand Prizes up for Grab!(1209 - 1223)

Event Period: 16:00 (UTC) on Dec 9, 2021 – 16:00 (UTC) on Dec 23, 2021

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XTM Promotion: Share 35,000 XTM and Earn 100% APY!(1208 - 1216)

Promotion Period: 14:00:00(UTC) on Dec 8 - 15:59 :59(UTC) on Dec 16

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Become a Pioneer Market Maker to Share $300K and Enjoy Up to 0.01% in Maker Rebates!(1205 - 0331)

Campaign Period: 16:00 (UTC) on Dec 5 2021 until 16:00 (UTC) on Mar 31, 2022

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OPUL Trade/Deposit Promotion: Join to Win 33,000 OPUL and 100% APY

Round I: 03:30:00 (UTC) on Dec 6 - 11:59:59 (UTC) on Dec 6

Round II: 12:00 (UTC) on Dec 6 - 04:00:00 (UTC) on Dec 13

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>Huobi Earn<

Enjoy Up to 150% APY on IMX with Huobi Earn

Launch Time: 12:00 (UTC) on Dec 10, 2021

End Time: 12:00 (UTC) on Dec 17, 2021

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3. Market Movers

Cryptocurrency Last Week’s Closing Price Weekly Change
RIFI 0.776100000 676%
REDI 0.002753767 285%
GODS 6.455100000 81%
OPUL 4.382500000 53%
SPELL 0.013081000 50%
MVL 0.006465152 49%
BAGS 9.044600000 44.9%
NRAR 10.65020000 44.2%
AURY 13.45120000 42%
BTT 0.003316570 36%


4. Operating Metrics

Security incidents 0
# Of launched products 9
Contracts trading volumes  US$34.0 billion
Spot trading volumes US$29.2 billion
On-chain user balances US$19.7 billion


5. Industry Trends


Vitalik Buterin released the "Big Block Chains" roadmap.

Huobi Research Institute Analysis:

From Vitalik Buterin's article, we can see that the sharding solution is difficult and with unpredictable implementation time, while Vitalik Buterin is extremely support the Layer2 Rollup. At least for a few years, the new public chain can continue to evolve and even a layered solution will emerge as well. The article also suggests that while the Rollup scheme is centralized in the block generation process, it could follow the Cosmos IBC scheme and achieve de-trusted and highly decentralized block validation.


Sequoia Capital may focus on blockchain field

Sequoia Capital may focus on the blockchain field. Sequoia Capital changed its Twitter profile to "We help the daring build legendary from idea to token airdrops. LFG!” Then deleted the DAO tweets later.

Huobi Research Institute Analysis:

Recently, Sequoia Capital has been frequently signaling All in Crypto and Web 3.0, including changing its Twitter profile, auctioning NFT and other actions. In fact, Sequoia Capital started the layout of each track in blockchain area in 2014. Its high-profile voice has attracted much attention in Web 3.0 and DAO fields.


Hearing of U.S. House of Representatives

The U.S. House of Representatives held a hearing on cryptocurrencies. The main focus was on regulatory issues such as Stablecoin, investor protection issues, and the current state of the crypto market.


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