“Invite Friends” Program Expands Further: No Limits for Spot Commission Rebates

Dear Valued Users and Channel Partners,


To increase incentives for “Invite Friends” channel partners and grow Huobi’s global footprint, Huobi Global has increased the spot commission rebate rate and spot commission rebate limit for users who invite their friends to join Huobi. Users can now apply for unlimited rebates if the following requirements are met!  


I. Application

Application time: 0:00 on Aug. 20 – 15:59 on Dec. 31 (UTC)

Form registration: https://forms.gle/9XYfP8Z2K4S7FwAT8

II. Rebate partnership rules for channel partners

Channel partners can now offer spot commission rebates and futures commission rebates (including coin-margined futures, coin-margined swaps and USDT-margined swaps) for Huobi users .



1. Registered users who have closed their Huobi accounts and are invited to re-register will be deemed as invalid invitees, with no commission rebates to be offered.


2. Restrictions: If invitees trade with special fee rates, neither spot rebates nor futures rebates will be offered. (special fee rates refer to 0.5‰ for spot trading, and preferential fee rates for futures VIPs/market makers) Each invitee can freely trade with any fee rate they choose.


3. Commission rebate rates: please see the chart above for rebate partnership rules for channel partners. Commission rebate rates for spot trading range from 40% to 50%, and the futures trading rate is 60%.


4. Commission rebate basis: Commission rebates are based on invitees’ net transaction fees, which excludes their negative transaction fees as Market Makers. No futures rebates will be offered if the invitees trade using a futures’ special fee rate. (Futures’ special fee rates refer to preferential fee rates for VIPs or Market Makers of three derivatives trading.)


5. Commission rebate eligibility period: Three levels of the program enable users to be eligible for commission rebates for different periods of time: "one year (365 days)”, “two years (730 days)” and “permanent”. For spot trading, the eligibility period starts from the account opening date of each invitee and ends on the last day of the commission rebate’s eligibility period. For futures trading, the eligibility period starts from the time at which each invitee activates the corresponding derivatives. Commission rebates are only available for invitees who activate three derivatives trading, and after channel partners’ rights to enjoy Futures rebates take effect.


6. Quarterly Evaluations: Evaluations will be carried out on a quarterly basis according to the criteria in the above table. Integrated evaluations will be conducted to re-rate the levels for each channel partner, and the commission rebates derived from invited users after re-ratings will also be applied according to the rights of a new level. The rebates derived from users who have already been invited and registered will not be affected. Some important instructions are as follows:

a. For level-1 channel partners, resource backgrounds will not be reviewed during quarterly evaluations. Only the two requirements in the chart above will be evaluated. If channel partners fail to meet the requirements, their rights will revert to the default level. Level-2 and level-3 channel partners that fail to meet the requirements will be downgraded until one is disqualified as a channel partner.


b. Even if channel partners meet all the above requirements during quarterly evaluations, Huobi Global has the sole discretion to determine whether or not to give rebate rights, based on actual investigation results, focusing on the number of new registered users and traders.


7. Risk-control rules: Transaction fee rebates that violate risk control rules (including but not limited to violations such as old users masquerading as newly-invited users) will be intercepted and prevented from being delivered to the inviters. Rebates that are intercepted by risk control systems will not be counted in channel partner evaluations.


Please Note: For invitees from Belarus, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Japan, South Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong (China), Macao (China), North Korea, Sudan, Syria, United States of America and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and United States Virgin Islands) and Zimbabwe, the rebate rules remain unchanged: https://www.huobi.com/support/en-us/detail/900005164043.

Ⅲ. Channel partner obligations and conduct code

1. Channel partners need to build and promote the referral program regularly through their own efforts. Huobi Global will periodically assess the number of new users and the level of trading volumes for each channel partner on a quarterly basis. The standards and conditions are shown in the table above. Those who fail to meet the standards and conditions will be downgraded; after a certain point, they will be disqualified as channel partners.

2. Channel partners must abide by Huobi’s brand usage rules and report to Huobi Global’s channel partner business department in advance. Do not use Huobi’s brand without permission. Reporting in advance does not signify that Huobi Global will provide credit endorsements for channel partner actions.

3. Channel partners must adhere to restrictions for certain activities and advertisements when promoting the referral program. Channel partners are prohibited from publishing false information and pricing information that would disrupt the market.

4. Channel partners that violate the conduct code above for the first time will be given a warning. Multiple violations will disqualify the channel partner, as deemed appropriate.

Ⅳ. Application method

1. Form registration: users can click the form below, fill in the necessary information and submit to complete registration.

English (Google Form): https://forms.gle/9XYfP8Z2K4S7FwAT8

2. Email registration: users can send an application email to [email protected] to register. The email content should include Huobi UID, business country and region, own resources background, brief business plan, self-introduction, personal WeChat or mobile phone number, and other information.

3. After successful registration, a Huobi Global representative will reply within 10 working days. Please pay attention to your email or WeChat.

Huobi Global will continue to place users first and strive to promote the development of the blockchain industry. Thank you for your long-term support, and we welcome your future comments and suggestions!

Huobi Global possesses final interpretation rights of the abovementioned rules. All rules are subject to changes as deemed by Huobi Global’s official announcements.

Huobi Global 

Aug. 26, 2021


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