Announcement on Winners for “ShapeHuobi With Your Opinions”

Dear Valued Users,

We have received lots of valuable advice since the start of the activity called “ShapeHuobi With Your Opinions”. As mentioned in the activity announcement, the winners will be announced every Friday.

The 1st batch of winners is as follows: 





Please translate all page, example

1 HT


It will be a one of kind experience, if Houbi adds Hindi language for Indian users. Surely it will be a masterstroke to gain a strong foothold in the country. Do consider and try adding the language selection.

1 HT


Borsa içinde spot ve marjin işlemlerde Türk Lirası ile işlem yapabilmek istiyorum. Para birimleri arasına lütfen Türk Lirası ile işlemleri de ekleyiniz.

1 HT


There should be Indian currency in Huobi App for Indian users to see the coins value in Indian Currency. Its being a long time it was not updated yet.

1 HT


I would like to report Hindi And Bengali Language and currencies. Because there are Huge Huobi Traders From India and Bangladesh. If huobi add Hindi and Bengali language and currencies then they can attract more people.

1 HT


1)There should be also list of TOP LOSERS on Homepage2)There should be option for making hassle free transfer of all kinds of crypto between 2 Huobi account or should be option for red envelopes3) German language should be added 4) Huobi should try to bring it's own NFT marketplace as Craze of NFTs will more in upcoming time5) for Buying Crypto from fiat Debit card option should be enable , because not every person has credit card6) There should be AMA on weekly basis or atleast twice a week on Learning more about Crypto , New projects which are launch on Huobi.7) last but not least , Huobi global account and Huobi wallet should be linked with each other so that we can make hassle free transaction from wallet to an exchange

10 HT

The 2nd batch of winners is as follows (Updated on Aug. 6): 





Posting information of new cryotos should be given via prior notification

And Please list Wazirx exchange roken also on our huobi platform.

Need more options in trading section like order execution alerts via mails or messages or via app notificaciones.

20 HT


I would like to see Nepalese currency to be listed in p2p section. It would be easy for the Nepalese users like me. It would open the wide range for easier investment and I want Nepalese Language to be supported by the app, so it would be more user friendly for users who have little English knowledge.

1 HT


In exchange holding coins not coming up automatically.

10 HT


Add more networks like bsc & matic

Now a days gas fee is a big problem. So it will be a good choice to set aside competition and look for more user benificial updates like more networks like layer2 sol, bsc etc.

10 HT


It would be really useful for us to be able to track our investment. For example if i buy today 1 coin for 100usd and tomorrow i buy another coin but its price became 120usd. we can easily make an average and say my 2 coins are worth 110usd each. So I would know starting from which price I break-even. This gets more complicated when we have several orders with more odd prices. My suggestion is to make P&L tracking showing an ""average buying price history

10 HT


Sir,The lot of people uses Paytm wallet in day by day life in india.And it is easy to use .So I request you please add paytm in payment option.because UPI is problematic.

1 HT


It would be nice, if Huobi could provide means for fiat withdrawal on the platform. This would automatically reduce the rigorous process of transferring funds to other platforms just to withdraw and would in turn increase platform usage by various users for fiat withdrawal. This would automatically draw a lot of long term users to huobi exchange. Thanks!

10 HT


Plese add more facilities NFT Market place in our huobi app

1 HT


Please add P2P Trading options in quicklaunch dashboard.A new user cannot find out easily

10 HT

The 3rd batch of winners is as follows (Updated on Aug. 13): 
UID Advice Reward
250***960 When i tried to link my google account it was not happening. Also it would be great if i could change my email. 10HT
249***141 When we minimise the app for some .. that our account gets logouted automatically and it needs relogin to enter the account .. sometimes it's really a difficult thing to please take necessary action to this case sir .. 10HT
174**436 Introduce somewhat similar trading bot but for the future tradings. 10HT
136***086 In terms of security, the platform is great, but there are some complications, for example, every time I want to log in, I must log in again, and this is annoying. My suggestion is to set a timing, which means if I do not enter the platform for a certain period, for example, two hours, the logout will be done automatically and the timing is chosen by the user.  There is another thing about advertisements, they are difficult to understand. Please simplify them as much as possible.
249***873 When I used the referral and promos option form my account tab it was redirect to web pages, need to login again also suggested
 to install huobi Pro. (From which I was accessing it) . Sometimes it login automatically.
197***477 I'm aware there's an "auto trading bot" that seemingly executes trading without much input or follow up. I think it's a great feature. Issue is it's not an everyone's thing. Most would shy away from it. There's a vast number of customers who just won't afford to put in $1000 a go which seems to be a condition to be met.. While; Most people actually pay subscription to trading bots for which feature of were to be introduced in huobi exchange, would bring in a sizeable profit in subscription, if not in the traders it will attract to utilize the feature.
Every trader will like;
-Trailing stop loss
-Trailing take profit
-Trail purchase
And other features that most trading bots now have. Each time I look into the menu when trading, I wish i have some if not all the features, especially the trailing take profit. Including it solely would be a bonus feature. You can try to create different account types one can upgrade to based on trading or an outright one time or annual fee. I just think integrating those features traders find on the best trading bots with be a game changer for huobi. I believe expanding your buy/Sell menu to include that will attract alot of traders.Besides the attractive nature, it also reduces the risk of users ending up vulnerable because of using third party apps that require access to keys.
Bonus suggestion: Boosting HT price through lotteries that allocate a percentage to burn. I believe a rising HT price can draw attention.
235***341 I want to see this feature in Huobi ecosystem ( Exchange or wallet). Huobi should try to launch new coins on it's platform means it should act as launchpad of new tokens in markets. Huobi should enable feature to Stake. HT for particular time span and should provide user with other new tokens and also should provide them with APY , this idea will definitely stand out in market as user will get both new tokens as well as some Extra HT in form of APY by doing this value of HT as well of HUOBI will increase itself in market . 10HT

i hope people can buy token by bank account without use Visa card"

250***725 In India we have 3 different types of government ID, these are PAN CARD, ADHAAR CARD, VOTER ID CARD. But when I tried to do the KYC with PAN CARD it failed two or three times after that I did with Adhaar card. KYC with PAN CARD must be valid because it's also a government ID. In other exchanges we can do with it but in Huobi Pro we can't do that. It should be rectify as soon as possible.Everybody has PAN CARD, whereas some people may not have Adhaar card in the form of physical Card, they may have Digital card which can't be uploaded in KYC. It's must be modify in next update. 10HT
251***986 I hope Huobi has ap2p transaction or banking transfer in the future. Because in my country - Viet Nam, it still not allowed to make a payment by credit card. I always have to buy usdt on Binance by P2P, after that deposit to Huobi to buy coin.It’s too unfavourable. Thank you for reading.
248***580 It would be nice to have an "Open position floating indicator" on the chart so I can see it all the time while my operation is open. Also a better one yet would be to have also the TP and SL indicators in the chart and be able to move it to change theirs values, all from the chart. 10HT

Please Note:

  • If the suggestions are the same, we will select the user who makes the suggestion first.
  • We have only reviewed part of the responses as of now. Don't feel discouraged if you are not on the list above this time as you still stand a chance to get a spot on the winner list to be released next Friday. Please stay tuned! 
  • The activity is still going on until August 19. Welcome to provide your precise advice and get up to 100 HT:

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