SMT Staking - Lock to Earn HPT and Get More Airdrops

Dear users,

Huobi Pool will soon launch the staking of SMT with generous rewards at 10:00 (UTC) on April 23rd. 



Locking Period

Min. Limit for Individuals

Max. Limit for Individuals




16.5K SMT


7 days

30 days

60 days

90 days


1. Users can get daily rewards in HPT by locking SMT.

2. Besides HPT, users who hold at least 10,000 HPT on the Huobi platform will get daily airdrops in EOS, TRX, ONG, CMT, IOST, etc.

- The airdropped tokens will be distributed based on users’ holding amount of HPT.

- The amount of airdropped tokens will be variable depending on the node income of the mining pool on the day.

3. The daily locking rewards and airdrops will be atomically sent to users' Exchange account. 

4. It will take 14 days to redeem tokens after the locking period expires based on the on-chain rules of SmartMesh.


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Huobi Pool 
April 23rd, 2021