Huobi Global Launches the 9th Discount Program for Point Card

Dear users,

Huobi Global has launched the 9th discount program for point card (1 point = 1 USDT), a prepaid card that holds a number of points which you can use to get a reduction of your transaction fees. 

Face Value



Purchase Price

200 USDT


55% off


500 USDT


60% off

200 USDT

20,000 USDT


65% off

7,000 USDT

Click to buy:

Payment methods: USDT and HT

Validity: 90 days 

Referral Rebate: Your referral rebates will be unaffected when using point cards to pay trading fees from this package.

1. The point card can be used to pay spot trading fees, margin interest, and OTC trading fees.

2. The point card will be invalid when the validity expires.

3. The transfer for point cards is not supported, while you can apply it to all your accounts under your name (sub-account and parent account).

4. The HT applied in exchange for the discount packages will remain locked for one year. The HT tokens paid for the fees will be a part of the token burn plan of Huobi Global. 

Huobi Global

April 16th, 2021