Notification of Reverse Split of UNI*(-2) of ETP product

Dear users:

Since the net value of UNI*(-2) leveraged ETP product is lower than 1 USDT, in order to facilitate user’s trading and avoid the impact of precision, Huobi Global will execute a reverse split of UNI*(-2) on April 15, 2020, at 07:00 (UTC) and the operation will not affect the total value of users‘ assets. The reverse split will take about 3 hours. During this period, UNI*(-2) will also suspend trading at the same time.

Note: The specific execution time will be adjusted according to the market conditions of UNI. In order to reduce the risk of market fluctuations during the merger period, if the leverage of UNI*(-2) is too high before the start of the share merger, a temporary position adjustment will be triggered.

In order to improve the experience of K-line (Candle), the historical K-line before the reverse split will be hidden,and the starting point of the K-line is the time point after the reverse split is completed.

The Reverse Split Ratio will be 1 for 5000, which means 5000 shares of UNI*(-2) will be merged into 1 share, consequently, the NAV of UNI*(-2) per share will be up 5000 times and user's holding quantity will be down to 1/5000. In this connection, user’s total asset value of the UNI*(-2) assets will not change (Total asset value = the number of ETP positions * NAV of ETP).

Time of Reverse Split:

15/4/2021 07:00 -15/4/2021 07:00 (UTC)

Note: The specific execution time will be adjusted according to the market conditions of UNI

Scope of Influence:

After the merger, users will not be able to buy, sell ,subscribe or redeem UNI*(-2)

Risk tip:

Since users will not be able to trade, subscribe or redeem UNI*(-2) during the reverse split, users can sell out or redeem UNI*(-2) before the reverse split to reduce the risk of the position.

There is a possibility that the NAV of ETP can become zero or the product will be removed due to inherent market risks, high fees, slippage, rebalance algorithm frontrunning and any other perceived unknown risks associated with ETP.


Thanks for your support!


Huobi Global

April 14, 2021