How to Buy Crypto on Huobi P2P (App)?

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In this article, Huobi will show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to buy crypto on Huobi P2P via Apps. Huobi P2P (Peer-to-Peer) provides the fastest and most secure platform to exchange fiat to crypto vice versa, with 0 fees.   


Step 1: Enter Huobi Apps and click the avatar in the upper left corner. 


Step 2: Log in to your Huobi account. You can Sign Up through Apps if you don’t an account with us.  


Step 3. After logging in, click "Trade" then "Fiat".


Step 4: Select “Buy” and crypto you want to buy.  


Step 5: Select your preferred “Price” and “Payment Method” then click “Buy”. The “Limit” is you can buy crypto between the minimum and maximum amount.  


Step 6: Enter the total amount of money or the total amount of crypto that you want to buy in 45 seconds. Then, click “Order”.    


Step 7: Select the payment method you want to transfer the money to and click “Pay”. 


Step 8: Click “Contact” and communicate with the seller if you have any questions. 


Step 9: Next, transfer the total amount of money according to the time-limit given and the payment method that you chose. You are allowed to away from Huobi Apps and switch to your payment gateway to transfer the money. After the completion of the transfer, please click “Paid”.  


Step 10: Please double-confirm that you have paid the seller. If yes, please click “Confirm”. 


Step 11: Please wait patiently within 5 minutes to allow the seller to check their account and confirm whether they’ve received the money. The seller may ask for a transfer slip in the “Contact” in the upper right corner. If the seller didn’t release the crypto to you, please click “Complaint” below. Our 24/7 online customer service will assist you. 


Step 12: You will receive the crypto after the seller is confirmed to receive the money. You can check your asset by clicking “View balance”. The Crypto that you had bought is in your Fiat Account.  



Buy Cryptos with 0% Commission Fee on Huobi 


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