How to Transfer Money when Buying Crypto on Huobi P2P?

Huobi P2P will not automatically pay, so you need to manually transfer money.

  1. If you choose bank card payment, open your mobile banking, if you choose other third-party payment, please open the corresponding APP;
  2. Please make a direct transfer to the other party's receiving account within the time specified in the order. The transfer amount is the total price of your order. Huobi will lock the digital assets of the order throughout the entire process, so you can transfer funds with confidence
  3. After the transfer is completed, please return to the Huobi order page and click [ I've paid ];
  4. After the seller confirms the transfer, the currency you purchased will be transferred to your fiat currency wallet account. You can click on the digital asset you purchased in the wallet to view the transaction record.

Why did the trader not receiving the amount in time after the transfer has been made?

  1. Please make sure you have transferred money to the exact beneficiary account of the seller listed on the order page.
  2. Please confirm whether your transfer is real-time or delayed since a delayed transfer may take some more time.
  3. You can contact your bank/paying agency to check if there is any system maintenance or other possible reasons.



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