Unleash The FORCE On Double 11

Dear Users,

To celebrate Double 11, Huobi Global and The Force Protocol jointly presents “Unleash The FORCE On Double 11’ promotion.

Promotion 1: Hold To Mine 2,000,000 FOR
Promotion Period: 17:00 8th November to 17:00 18th November 2019 (GMT+8)
During the promotion period, users who hold more than 1,000FOR can enjoy mining rewards exclusively from the Force Protocol team.

Hourly Reward Computation Basis:
Per Hour Reward = Holding Quantity x 0.3 ÷ 365 days ÷ 24hrs

Promotion 2: Top 5 FOR Traders Share 200,000 USDT
Promotion Period: 10:00 11th November to 10:00 15th November 2019 (GMT+8)
During the promotion period, top 5 traders ranked by cumulative trading volume (buy + sell) will share 200,000 USDT as follows:

Rank Rewards UID Trading Volume
1st 80,000 USDT 1****8 239,954,444
2nd 60,000 USDT 3****0 159,987,584
3rd 30,000 USDT 4****4 75,500,036
4th 20,000 USDT 1****7 66,997,842
5th 10,000 USDT 3****1 50,567,362

Promotion 3: Promote To Share 10,000 USDT Equivalent FOR Rewards
Promotion Period: 17:00 8th November to 17:00 18th November 2019 (GMT+8)
During the promotion period, users who share our designated promotion poster below via Twitter as per steps below can share 10,000 USDT in equivalent FOR rewards.

Note: Twitter account of user must have minimum 200 followers to qualify for the reward.

How to Participate (Steps):
1. Share the promo poster on Twitter + Tag @HuobiGlobal On Twitter
2. Follow Us On Twitter + Telegram 
3. Click <Sign Up Here> button below. Input your UID + Twitter post link 



Terms & Condition
1. Users can login to Huobi Global to check their FOR holding level and ranking qualification starting 17:00 8th November 2019 (GMT+8) onward.
2. Data will be updated hourly, with possibility of slight delay.
3. Only traders with a minimum cumulative trading volume of 10,000,000FOR during promotion period are eligible for the Promotion 2 reward. No self-deal.
4. Market makers are not eligible to participate in Promotion 2.
5. Each Huobi User can only participate once in Promotion 3. Child accounts are not eligible to participate in Promotion 3.
6. Reward distribution: rewards will be distributed 2 weeks after promotion ends. Reward recipients can check their account balance transaction history for distribution records accordingly. Reward smaller than 1 FOR will not be distributed.
7. Parent and child accounts are deemed as a single account under this promotion. All rewards will be distributed under the parent account.
8. The rules and regulations of the promotion shall be subject to Huobi’s final interpretative decision and we reserve the rights to disqualify any person who is known or suspected to be cheating or violating any rules and regulations set by Huobi.

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Huobi Global
November 7, 2019