Huobi Global is going to support “TRADE ID” in two REST endpoints

Dear API user,

Huobi Global is going to support “TRADE ID” in the following API:

Get the Match Result of an Order –
GET /v1/order/orders/{order-id}/matchresults

Search Match Results –
GET /v1/order/matchresults

TRADE ID is unique identifier for each market trade. Even though a taker’s order matching with multiple maker’s orders simultaneously, each trade should be given individual TRADE ID.

NOTE: The value of TRADE ID is only available for those trades executed after 17:00 November 4, 2019 (GMT+8). Trade ID will be blank there if the trade was executed before this time.

Effective Date: November 8, 2019 (GMT+8)
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Huobi Global
November 7, 2019