Huobi All Star Market Maker 6th Anniversary Promotion

Dear Users,


Following the launch of Huobi's “All Star VIP 6th year Anniversary Fee Promotion“ last month, Huobi Global is pleased to announce the "Huobi All Star Market Maker 6th Anniversary Promotion" to all market makers. Market makers are welcome to directly apply or provide referrals. 

“Huobi All Star Market Maker" Extension Period:
04:00 01 January 2020 – 04:00 01 April 2020 (GMT+8) 

Program 1: Market Makers On Competing Exchanges
This promotion is extended to market makers on competing exchanges, as well as Huobi-compatible market makers with a superior trading strategy. Details as follows:

Market Maker LevelApplication Pre-Requisites (Spot Volume Basis Or By Discretion)Trial Period and Evaluation
Tier 130-Day Trading Volume ≥ 80,000 BTC Or Negative MakerTrial duration is 2 weeks. A month-end evaluation will be conducted after the trial ends. Last 10% tail-end will be eliminated.
Tier 24,500 BTC ≤ 30-Day Trading Volume < 80,000 BTCTrial duration is 2 weeks. A month-end evaluation will be conducted after the trial ends. Last 25% tail-end will be eliminated.
>10 BTC balance in spot account (in equiv assets) 
Market makers on other exchanges

Applications received before the 15th of the month will be assessed intra-month. Applications received after the 15th will be reviewed in the next month. Kindly provide details regarding your maker strategy and methodology as part of your application submission.  

Program 2: Huobi "Star" Market Maker Interest-Free Loan

Market Maker LevelMarket Maker RankingMaximum Interest-Free Loan Amount
Tier 1Overall ranking 1-10500,000 USDT interest-free 
Overall ranking 11-20200,000 USDT interest-free 
Tier 2Overall ranking 1-5500,000 USDT interest-free 

Loans in excess of  the above-mentioned interest-free loan amount will be charged based on standard tiered loan interest rates. Market makers are ineligible (i.e. cannot) to use point card deduction, receive VIP benefits, participate in trading promotions, or enjoy any other form of commission rebate activities.

Application Method: Contact your relationship manager or email [email protected]

For full promotion details, kindly liaise with your relationship manager. 


Huobi Global
October 29, 2019