Announcement on the Suspension of the Old WAX Coin Trading and Listing of the New WAXP Coin Trading

Dear users,

Since the WAX main net has been switched to WAXP main net, Huobi Global will swap the old WAX coin to the new WAXP coin. We will suspend the old WAX coin trading and list the new WAXP coin trading after renaming WAX to WAXP. Please see the schedule as follows:

Trading of the old WAX coin will be suspended and corresponding orders will be cancelled at 10:00 on October 29, 2019 (GMT+8), meanwhile the coin will be renamed as WAXP.

The time of listing the new WAXP coin trading and opening WAXP deposits and withdrwals will be notified via another announcement.

Thank you for your support for Huobi Global!

Huobi Global
October 26, 2019