Introduction of secure mechanism on Huobi Lite

Huobi is dedicated to providing a safer trading platform, and better service to our users. In order to make sure your transactions are safe, Huobi will escrow the cryptocurrency during the transaction, lock the deposits of the sellers, and provide 24/7 online customer service. Please find the detailed introduction below:

  1. Secure of cryptocurrency

In order to make sure the cryptocurrency in the order is safe, Huobi will lock the corresponding cryptocurrency from the buyer placed the order, till the order is completed and the buyer gets the cryptocurrency.

  1. Secure of the counterparty

In order to improve the service of the counterparty on Huobi Lite, according to “Terms of Use for Advertiser”, “Regulations of OTC transactions”, and other conditions published in Huobi regulations, Huobi will lock 5000 HT as deposit in the counterparty’s Huobi account. If the counterparty cannot fulfill the “Terms of Use for Advertiser” or other regulations, the deposit will be used to compensate the loss of user caused by the counterparty.

  1. Secure of the customer service

Huobi provides 24/7 online customer service, so that we can help users to solve their problems rapidly when they need it. Please enter your account in upper left corner, and click “Help Center”, provide your email, choose question type and input the necessary message, then you will be able to chat with online customer service.


Thanks for your support.


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