Huobi Global is going to support a new REST API – Withdraw quota for each currency

Dear API users,

Since the effective day of this notification, the withdraw quota of each crypto currency, will be introduced in a new REST endpoint “GET /v2/account/withdraw/quota”. It’s a private endpoint as the quota could be various by user.

Effective Date: September 26, 2019 (GMT+8)
All the changes will be updated on 【API Docs】

Huobi Global
September 20, 2019

The following are change details:
REST API – withdraw quota of each crypto currency
GET /v2/account/withdraw/quota (Private Endpoint)API key permission: Read
Request parameter(s):

ParameterRequiredData TypeDescriptionValue RangeDefault Value


ParameterRequiredData TypeDescriptionValue Range
codetrueintStatus code 
messagefalsestringError message (if any) 
datatrueobjectList in ascending order of “currency” 
{ currencytruestringCurrency 
chainstrueobjectList in ascending order of “chain” 
{ chaintruestringChain name 
maxWithdrawAmttruestringMaximum withdraw amount in each request 
withdrawQuotaPerDaytruestringMaximum withdraw amount in a day 
remainWithdrawQuotaPerDaytruestringRemaining withdraw quota in the day 
withdrawQuotaPerYeartruestringMaximum withdraw amount in a year 
remainWithdrawQuotaPerYeartruestringRemaining withdraw quota in the year 
withdrawQuotaTotaltruestringMaximum withdraw amount in total 
remainWithdrawQuotaTotal }}truestringRemaining withdraw quota in total