Huobi Global is going to change order update behavior in existing websocket subscription topic – “orders.$symbol.update”

Dear API users,

Currently, while a taker’s order matching with multiple counter party’s orders, which resulting in multiple trades at the same time, only one aggregated update is disseminated from subscription topic “orders.$symbol.update” with “price” as average price of the multiple trades, “filled-amount” as accumulated volume of the multiple trades, “filled-cash-amount” as accumulated turnover of the multiple trades.

Since the effective day of this notification, while the same scenario occurs, this websocket subscription topic will be disseminating every trade in sequence of counter party’s order priority, with “price”, “filled-amount”, “filled-cash-amount”, as last price, last volume, last trade value of the each trade.

Except separating the multiple trades from single matching for taker’s order, there will be nothing change else in the websocket subscription topic “orders.$symbol.update”.

Another existing order update subscription topic “orders.$symbol”, and existing websocket order query “order.detail”, and existing order query endpoints in REST API, will NOT be impacted by this change.

Effective Date: September 19, 2019 (GMT+8)
All the changes will be updated on 【API Docs】

Huobi Global
September 16, 2019