Introduction to HTX P2P's Advertising Shared Inventory Rules

The shared inventory function is a hidden advertising rule, mainly for selling Ads. It is to allow more ad display opportunities for sold Ads in the same cryptos. The specific analysis of shared inventory is as follows:

  • The same cryptos of an account can be sold through two advertisements. For example, if your account has 10 BTC, you can publish two selling advertisements with a maximum limit of 10 BTC at the same time.
  • In the two advertisements, any one of the advertisements can be sold. When the minimum transaction limit of the advertisement is not met, the advertisement is automatically hidden. Example: You have 10 BTC in your account, and you publish two advertisements selling 10 BTC at the same time. When someone shoots one of your advertisements for 10 BTC, your two advertisements do not meet the minimum single transaction limit, so both advertisements will be in the advertisement list If you cancel this order, the ads will be displayed again.
  • The maximum advertising limit will decrease with the transfer of assets, but will not increase with the increase of assets. For example, if you post an advertisement for selling 10 BTC and you withdraw or transfer 4 BTC, the maximum saleable limit of the advertisement will become 6 BTC; if you top up 4 BTC, your account has 14 BTC, but you The maximum limit for advertising will still be 10 BTC.


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